Ana Martín and Mónica Merello, of Click and Done.

Ana Martín and Mónica Merello, of Click and Done.

Patricia Gallego

WHO ARE THEY: Founders and partners of Click and Done. They are defined as facilitators and are as practical as they are resolutive.

How did you come up with creating this company? We are mothers of large families and friends for thirty years. We have always had the concern to do something together and one day we realized that we knew how to solve people's lives. Actually, we decided to professionalize what we have always done at home.

Who is Click and Done for? Our clickers match the urgency factor. Each project must have a beginning and an end. However, some require follow-up and this makes us an extra continuity aid.

Your most requested service? It's Click & Baby. We take care of the procedures generated by the birth of a baby, from going to the Civil Registry to requesting maternity assistance. So parents are dedicated to their family.

Patricia Gallego
Its mission: to be very effective in saving and optimizing customer time.

In what should we not lose a second? In what you don't find any benefit, and we don't just talk in economic terms. Do you think something takes away years of life? That is our specialty.

What is the task that steals more hours? Anything that requires follow-up and subtract quality time from what really matters to you. Each person has their priorities, but some examples are administrative procedures or locating suppliers for a specific need.

Do you remember the most complicated work? One of our clients lived outside Spain and we had to build a house with all kinds of details. It seems simple, but we need to take out the wand in order to arrive on time. Of course, the satisfaction was knowing that five minutes before the family went through the door everything was in place, with fresh flowers on the tables and details to your liking,

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You do magic with the moves. How? We anticipate situations. The key is that the change is as chaotic as possible.

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