Homemade muffins: The perfect snack

Homemade muffins: The perfect snack

If when you leave school your children go hungry, alternate snacks with homemade fruits and sweets, how are you? Rich muffins. Apply these tricks and they will come out of yummy.

First, the recipe:

- 200 g of flour
- 3 eggs
- 50 ml of milk
- 200 g of sugar
- 125 g of olive oil
- 10 g of yeast

Beat the eggs with the sugar. Pour the olive oil. Add milk, flour and yeast. Put in molds and bake 13 min at 220º C.

And now the tricks you should keep in mind:

Achieve a balance between wet and dry ingredients. If you are lacking dry, the cupcake will grow long, not high. And if you lack fluids, there will be too much left

Use oil better than butter. It's healthier. Olive or sunflower, choose the one you want according to your taste. If you opt for the first, opt for one with a mild flavor.

Avoid filling the molds to the top. Leave the filling like a finger on the edge. Aromatize the dough with vanilla essence or lemon zest. Decorate with rich
Chocolate candies

Make sure the ingredients are at room temperature. Take out the ones in the fridge beforehand. Work the dough in a hot bowl and you will avoid cutting it
beat her

Beat the dough a lot to make it fluffy. Thus, it will catch air. Then, let it rest in the fridge 1/2 hour. The cold-hot contrast will make it rise more in the oven.

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