Your living room, your temple The time has come to relax in a little house!

Your living room, your temple The time has come to relax in a little house!

Watch series, take a nap, chat with friends ... Each room tells a story, but when it comes to relaxing at home, they all look alike! Because comfort is paramount, just like a functional and attractive design that serves any occasion, something that IKEA has very clear and that you will discover next with an irresistible proposal. Let's go there!

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If you are looking for an armchair dedicated solely and exclusively to evade when you use the living room, this model (€ 149) of the INDUSTRIELL series offers you two advantages: on the one hand, it is a unique piece, because the seat is hand-woven with Very durable paper fiber, and on the other hand, it is very comfortable! So much that you won't want to get up in centuries ... But to complete the look, do not forget the ALSEDA pouf made with banana fibers (€ 22.99).


If you have tired of the typical fragile and untouchable coffee table, the NYBODA tables (€ 118 the set of 2) will revolutionize your living room, and thanks to their pure and simple lines, they adapt well to all kinds of decorative styles. But in addition, they are flexible, reversible (just flip the board to change color), and very light! Come on, perfect for modern life.

Cushions everywhere

What would a sofa without cushions be like? Well, a hoarseness, really. And there is nothing like the feeling of very soft and fluffy cushions ... That's why you will love the proposals of IKEA, such as the FRANSINE cover (€ 9.99) of Navajo print in Jacquard fabric with a light relief, which combines great with the velvety cover SANELA (€ 9.99). All seasoned by the beauty of KATTRUP (€ 199), a carpet that falls in love thanks to its hand-woven fabric in a range of beautiful red tones. Do not miss you if the dog does not want to get up or eat!

All in order

To feel relaxed it is necessary to have a little order around, especially when it comes to the living room and your movie or vinyl collection ... And that is just what you will get with the KALLAX bookshelf. There are a lot of models and colors available, but they all have something in common, and they adapt to each space and can be combined with drawers, shelves and accessories. If you like the bookshelf you see in the photo, you will find it for € 44.99, and the BULLIG bamboo boxes for € 14.99 per unit.

A lord sofa

Do not say that you do not have a comfortable sofa to take a nap in conditions ... Like this model (€ 559) of the VIMLE series with 3 seats and high resilience foam seats, ideal for stretching the legs like a giraffe! In addition, the stool has an additional storage space underneath, and since the cover can be removed and machine washed, you won't have to worry about ketchup stains.

Reading the old

That is, with glamor in a very comfortable wing chair, like this model (€ 229) of the STRANDMON series that Sherlock Holmes would love! Because in addition to being the sea of ​​elegant, thanks to its high back you will have optimal neck support, and with a 10-year warranty! There are other colors and prices available.


Do you remember those moments when you start spinning on the couch and end up sitting like Buddha on the carpet? Well, for those occasions, the SANDARED pouf is perfect! Because in addition to having a removable and machine washable cover, the lower part has a non-slip material that keeps it still. If you like the one in the photo you will find it for € 49.


A support always comes in handy, especially when it comes to the classroom and the caffeine in the afternoon ... But as sometimes space is smaller than we would like, the DELAKTIG family has conceived this side table (€ 59) that easily attaches to any armchair or sofa in the series. More functional impossible!