These 4 kitchens have in common the rustic style but are different Which do you prefer?

These 4 kitchens have in common the rustic style but are different Which do you prefer?

There are nothing conventional about these kitchens. They are bold, unique, cheerful, unique. a lesson in how to merge elements with style and grace today, yesterday and forever.

Kitchen 1: Bet on the strong color

CLASSIC PULLERS: Copper tone highlights on blue doors. A beautiful contrast. Ideal.

Blue and wood. The lower set of cabinets combines an intense dark blue with wood counter. The result is spectacular, especially in spacious and bright kitchens.
British-Nordic merger. The clean lines and the natural finishes of the Scandinavian style get along well with "very English" coatings, such as the wallpaper of large flowers.
Brass elements. Star material that adds shine and heat. It is present in retro lamps, furniture handles, fittings ...

For a blue kitchen:

Russell Hobbs Toaster

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metal and opaline Lamp

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printed Apron

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Kitchen 2: The new rustic

WHAT NATURAL! Carpets are trend in the kitchen. Washable wool models, like this one by Lorena Canals, put heat and are practical.

Casework. They have never gone out of style, let alone in country kitchens. Open cabinets, as in the picture, occupy little and they integrate the appliances. The old-style marble stack completes a beautiful look.
Steel appliances. Nothing like this finish, to give a modern touch and contrast to rustic aesthetics: it is the best mix.
Complements of natural fibers. Cane stools, wicker baskets, esparto ornaments ... Traditional materials occupy a place of honor.

For a natural cuisine:

fiber stool

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esparto Bull's head

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Vegetables Basket

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Kitchen 3: Baroque and cheerful

THEY ARE THE MOST! Old lamps, with faceted glass and tears, are also (luxury) in kitchens.

Ornate decoration What stands out in this kitchen is its baroque style, an aesthetic trend to last. To balance, furniture, floor tiles and are mandatorily white.
Covering wallpaper. It is carried throughout the house, also in kitchens and bathrooms. For these two spaces, the best is to choose vinyl designs that hold moisture very well.
Wood, brass, flowers and fruits. The combination of these materials and thematic motifs bring freshness and introduce natural elements.

For a Baroque kitchen:

Provençal Dishes

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wood shelving

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Stainless steel. boats

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Metallic Tray

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Kitchen 4: Romantic and charming

VINTAGE In retro key, the cabinets, with moldings and handles of old style, and the faucet in bronze finish.

Textiles and paper: protagonists. Amazing how blinds and curtains can completely transform a space! The vibrant print coordinates beautifully with the more discreet wallpaper that covers the walls. Everything, from Gancedo.
Dashboard of tiles. Avoid grease stains cooking. Small tiles, 7.5 × 15 or 10 × 20 cm, are suitable for not reloading.
Colors of nature. The kitchen is ultra cozy, thanks to the warm brushstrokes that surround it: lemon yellow, olive green, wood ...

For a romantic kitchen:

Stainless steel. mini colander

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Cano Alto Grifo

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porcelain cup

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