In this 50 m² house, space and lighting have been optimized

In this 50 m² house, space and lighting have been optimized

Pablo Sarabia

It was a 50 m house2, deteriorated and with a very compartmentalized distribution. Now, after a successful reform, it has gained more light and functional spaces.

Pablo Gómez and his girlfriend, Sara, were looking for a house that they could design to their liking. He is an architect and from Rez, his own studio, projects works and comprehensive reforms, so converting an old and dark apartment into a modern and bright house would not be complicated. "When you dedicate yourself to the world of architecture, it is easy to see the potential of a space," says Pablo. "I bought the house before my girlfriend could go see it. When it was, I thought it had been a bad decision. So I told her that until the works were finished, I couldn't come back. Now she is in love with our beautiful apartment."

Living room with exposed beams

The original wooden beams of the house were restored and left in sight, to give the rooms a plus of warmth.

The coffee table and wallpaper are from Ferm Living. Decorative feathers, from Zara Home. Pablo Sarabia
STORAGE AREAS: A custom closet was made under the window and books and plants were placed on the windowsill.
The sofa is from Maisons du Monde. The cushions and vases are from Zara Home. Pablo Sarabia

The living room is not very big. That is why a two-seater sofa was chosen that would not overwhelm the space.

A very bright kitchen

In the reform, designed by Rez Estudio, part of the partition that separated the kitchen from the living room was cut and replaced by a glass one. In this way, the two spaces are visually connected and amplitude is gained.

Pablo Sarabia
WHITE AND BLACK. In the kitchen, with furniture in two finishes, a stylish look was achieved, with great force.
The lamp is from Faro. Pablo Sarabia

The island that houses the cooking zone was surrounded by a wooden bar designed by Rez Estudio and which serves as a dining table.

Bedroom in neutral and blue tones

In the master bedroom the color blue dominates and, nevertheless, its presence is punctual: in a mixture of cushions and plaids and in the picture that decorates the wall of the headboard.

The cushions and plaids are from Ikea. Pablo Sarabia
MAXIMUM SERENITY The painting, a seascape in blue tones, inspired the decoration of this room.

Bathroom with independent areas

In the bathroom, the toilet was separated with a half-height work wall and the shower cubicle was coated in a different color from the rest of the space.

Towels and accessories are from Zara Home. Pablo Sarabia

The wall that is over the sink is a setback that was coated with mirror to multiply the feeling of space and luminosity

Execution of the reform works

Being on the top floor of the building was one of the strengths of the entire construction. Pablo would provide him with natural light, even if it was an interior floor. The first step was to throw all the partitions and draw a new distribution that will take advantage of, not only its 50 m2, but also the gaps in the facade to the inner courtyard. In addition, to avoid mottling, he opted for coverings in light tones that enlarge the spaces visually: oak laminate on the floor and white smooth paint on the walls. "In the living room, wallpapering one of the fronts seemed an interesting resource to differentiate different areas without filling the space," says the architect.

Pablo Sarabia
After the renovation, the 50 m2 of this small Madrid apartment are distributed in a small living room, a kitchen with an integrated dining room, two bedrooms and a large bathroom.

House decoration

Simple and comfortable, that's how the owners wanted their home to be and they spent a lot of time choosing their new furniture. They were looking for pieces that would bring a current touch without subtracting prominence from the reform, and that, in addition, were not overloaded designs. The details and accessories were bought little by little. These elements, as well as the original paintings and sheets of Desenio, are the culmination of a personal, functional and careful decoration to the smallest detail. A success.

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