Newly independent? These are the basics you need in your kitchen ...

Newly independent? These are the basics you need in your kitchen ...

Leaving the family nest is probably one of the biggest events in life of all chicks eager to eat the world.But of course, once the endorphins return to their place and are alone in front of that kitchen that now seems as unattainable as Ratatouille the first day of class, panic arises. That's when he enters Google and discovers that (horror!) There is a whole dictionary of words and gadgets that seem taken from Hogwarts, and that's where we make our triumphant appearance ... Because, dear chick, if you've come here reading such a lot of ravings caused by excess caffeine, it is clear that you need our help. So ... take the notebook and start writing down, because you have to go shopping!

Advertising - Keep reading below The pan of your life

An aluminum pan is essential, either to practice with rice or to prepare a vegetable stew.

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A toaster to conquer them all ...

That is just what Gollum would say if he saw such a toaster. But besides being very cute and ideal for posting on your Instagram, it will also be in charge of preparing some delicious toasts in the morning ...

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Like a chef

You will not interpret the scene of Psychosisbut they will give you the Guinness to the best onion cut in julienne.

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Utensils for everything

For pasta, for rice, to stir, to turn ... They are good for everything!

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In full swing

When you have it, you can't live without it! And is that a blender is the sea of ​​functional. You can prepare smoothies, sauces, chop fruits and vegetables ...

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Coffee? Yes, please!

If you are not a person without your morning coffee, this will be your first investment ...

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Round and round!

These nylon-tipped tongs are perfect for turning steaks without spoiling the pan. Such a must!

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A work area

No, we are not referring to an office, but to this intelligent solution where key utensils such as knives, cutting boards and drains are part of the sink!

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To save!

Some glass jars will come to you luxury to store the food in the fridge, because we already know how difficult it is to calculate the quantities ... In addition, they are cleaned better than the plastic ones!

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Be careful with the oven

These silicone gloves will save your hands from the claws of Mordor, also known as "the oven."

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Basic and necessary

You still don't know, but you need it! Yes, we refer to the classic microwave cover, because you don't see what a nuisance when rice starts to jump like a kangaroo in a panic attack ...

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