14 original and beautiful ideas to cover bathrooms and kitchens

14 original and beautiful ideas to cover bathrooms and kitchens

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 A kitchen in blue and white

What a good idea! It combines in the kitchen white smooth walls with other tiles covered with a striking pattern, such as this one in blue and white, with a hydraulic effect. It is Mayolica from the MEGALOS Ceramics collection, a wall decoration consisting of two 25x75 cm pieces, manufactured by DUNE CERAMICA.

2 A bathroom with iridescent mosaic walls

In this bathroom, the walls are the protagonists. They are covered with the Island Star Black model of the Victorian Collection collection of natural stone mosaics and hand-carved glass, by L'Antic Colonial (G. Porcelanosa). The result is spectacular.

3 Basin front with checkered wall

Very elegant, this bathroom combines a beautiful black and white checkerboard tile covering in the front of the sink. It is the Minidual model, 20x33.3 cm, from the firm Venis. Behind the bathtub, a model in darker tones.

4 A bath in turquoise blue

What a success! In this bathroom two types of cladding are combined, ceramic pieces in plain turquoise blue, and others decorated with prints of large flowers in the same tones. They are the Style Turquoise model, from the Halcón Cerámicas firm, in pieces of 20x50 cm.

5 A bathroom with colored tiles

What a beautiful effect this combination of tiles of different colors, some smooth and other prints gives! They are made of white paste, and belong to the 9001 series, 20x80 cm each, from Porcelanite Dos.

6 A bathroom in retro style

A bathroom full of charm thanks to the beautiful red-paste stoneware floor, whose design perfectly mimics the old hydraulic tiles. It is the Tassel Crema model from Vives. The cast iron-free bathtub is beautiful, as is the over-top washbasin of the Ceramics Flaminia firm. We love!

7 Textured walls

In this bathroom, in addition to the spectacular bathtub and the oval washbasin, both black, highlights the beautiful rectified coating with textures that give it dynamism and depth. Two types are combined: the white Jersey Snow, 31.6x90 cm, and the Jersey Mix, 31.6x90 cm. Both are from the Porcelanosa firm.

8 Walls with floral prints in black and red

With personality, in this bathroom the large red flowers of the walls stand out, tiled with large-format ceramic pieces, 33.3x100 cm, from the Belmira collection of Vives Cerámica. The black furniture with two white countertop basins complete a very elegant bathroom.

9 Blank walls with relief

The walls with reliefs and textures give more depth and dynamism to the bathroom, as can be seen in this modern bathroom with white coatings Diamond White model, 33.3x100 cm, each piece, from the firm Venis (Porcelanosa Group). The floor is ceramic, but perfectly mimics the wood, giving warmth to the environment. It is the Montana Cottage model, 19.3x120 cm, from Venis. A perfect combination!

10 A granite coated bathroom

In this bathroom stone has been chosen. The walls are lined with yellow granite Sinatra de la Naturamia by Levantina. In golden tones, this stone is elegant, bright and easy to combine with wood.

11 Kitchen with ceramic floor that imitates wood

In this kitchen, the ceramic flooring imitates the wood perfectly, therefore, it offers all the strength and durability of the ceramic with the warmth of the wood.It is the Savia Walnut model, with 15x45 cm pieces, from Gaya Fores.

12 Kitchen with stoneware floor

In this kitchen with a mini-dining room, a pavement of warm clay color was chosen, it is made of porcelain stoneware, a super resistant, durable ceramic material with very low water absorption. It is the Limestone Gold model of Porcelanosa.

13 Kitchen in white and red

Modern and beautiful, this kitchen combines walls and floor in ruby ​​red glazed stoneware with other walls in white stoneware. Some colored tiles decorate and brighten white stoneware walls. The ceramic tiles are from Azteca. The smooth red stoneware of the walls is the Ruby model and the plain white is the White model, both of the Look R59 series, of 31.6x59.3 cm. Stoneware tiles decorated with color are the Loft R59 model, 31.6x59.3 cm each piece.

14 A kitchen with warm copper walls

This kitchen open to the living room, with a practical bar to eat, has walls and floors covered in a warm copper color, which are combined with other plain white walls. On the pavement, the Fuel Copper Natural porcelain; and on the wall, with textures, the Fuel Copper Hill porcelain tile, 25.1x75.6 cm from Aparici Ceramics.