XXL knitted blankets: everything you need to know

XXL knitted blankets: everything you need to know

>> Become an XXL blanket in just 4 hours (with video tutorial)

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These types of XXL knitted blankets invite you to snuggle under the coldest days (because they warm a lot!). You can put them on the bed as decoration at the feet by way of plaid and throw it on the cool nights. But you can also have them on the couch in the living room to accompany you in a movie session. Since they occupy a lot, leave them on the side, on the back or store them in a maxi basket dedicated exclusively to this blanket.

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How do they wash?

Wool is a natural fiber made from animal hair, hence it shelters so much. In contact with the body and the environment, the blankets are stained and must be washed. It is best that you take it to the dry cleaner. But you can wash them at home, yes, it takes work.

You can do it in the bathtub. Fill half a bathtub with cold water and add two or three cups filled with special mild detergent for woolen garments. Mix the detergent in the water to form a soapy solution. Put the blanket in the water, immerse it and keep it 20-30 minutes.

After this time, move it to "rub it". Here begins the hard. Then, remove the cap from the bathtub to empty it and rinse with cold water, repeating the movements, as folds on the same blanket.

Then drain it with folds, without twisting it too much so that the point does not deform. And let air dry in an extended place. Keep in mind that water will drain.

If your washing machine has capacity and a large drum, you can wash it in the washing machine in a program for delicate garments.

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Knitting without needles, with your hands

In the Simply Maggie blog we have found a tutorial to knit such a blanket in 45 minutes without needles, with your hands. It is a technique that has become fashionable among weavers. You only need your hands and arms to "tangle" the strands. Look here.

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Needle-free knitting tips

To make an XXL knitted blanket with your hands, the basic steps are to make a sliding knuckle, assemble the stitches according to the size you want, knit with your arm, decrease and finish.

Recommendations: the more you tighten the less hollow knots will remain in the blanket, so it is best to tighten them as much as you can, although taking care that you can still move them by the arm.

It is important that when dimming the points do not tighten too much so that the blanket is not narrow.

Diariodeco has been encouraged to make a DIY blanket. More info here.

Measures, amount of wool, needles ...

A blanket can have 18 starting points and 32 rows, including the first. For this measure 11 balls of very thick wool are needed (Nº6). The final measure of your blanket will be approximately 1.50 x 0.90 cm.

These 40 mm wooden needles are 4 cm in diameter. You can buy them online here.

Straight or circular wooden needles

Straight needles are limited in size of what you want to knit and there are always seams or seams for their size.

Circular needles have more possibilities and allow weaving very large pieces the longer the cable.

In this blog you have a free downloadable pattern to make your blanket.

In the ball of wool usually comes the number of needle that is needed to knit. Keep in mind that for thick wool the needles are from number 6 onwards.

Kit with everything you need to knit a thick knit blanket

If you prefer not to have complications, get a kit that includes everything you need to knit your blanket. This kit is designed for beginners since the blanket is woven with a basic stitch: 15 rows of 25 stitches. The kit includes 40mm circular wooden needles, wool and instructions. You can buy it here.

Where can I buy it online?

You can always buy your blanket if you don't dare to weave it.

In Etsy you have it in merino wool, like the one in the image, and available in a wide range of colors, for you to choose. It's from Lily and Peabody.

Atelier 4920 also makes this type of blankets in square stitch of rice. On sale through Etsy.

Blanket or rug

Depending on the size you have, you can use it almost as a carpet.

Ukrainian designer Anna Mo creates super thick hand-woven blankets with merino wool.

They are woven, so you can get an idea of ​​the size of the needles with about 7 cm in diameter.

They are sold in your online store Ohhio.

Blanket and balls XL

Knitting Noodles also performs thick knit blankets in Spanish merino wool. You can buy them in your online store in different sizes.

And if you prefer, here you will also find XL balls to weave the blanket.

The type of knitting wool

You need a giant ball of thick wool to weave this type of blankets.

Merino wool is very appropriate.

You can find maxi clews in Knitting Noodles, DMC or We Are Knitters and we have also found them on Amazon, so you can get them wherever you are.

The thick wool can also be found on in different suppliers with a wide range of shades.

Blanket placed at the foot of the bed

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Bicolor finish

Look how striking and appealing this bicolor blanket is on the sofa.

The simplest way to achieve such a finish is to choose two-color or three-colored clews. The same thread has several colors.

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At what point knit the blanket

Basic or right point, rice or eights point. You will be beautiful. Combine them!

Interior design by Lola Rodríguez and Eugenia Mateos.

Crochet Woven Version

Here you have a thick blanket version crocheted. Do not miss the photos.