A glazed bathroom

A glazed bathroom


Compartmentalize the space with glass screens is the perfect solution to gain privacy without losing light:

- Panels must be made with safety glass; Thus, in case of breakage, the crystals do not come off or fall.

- In areas of contact with water, such as the shower and bathtub, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation that prevents condensation; for this the best thing is that fixed panels Do not reach the ceiling.

Advertising - Read on below A bathroom with glass walls

The luminosity of this bathroom lies mainly in the unique coating of its tempered glass walls and white lacquered upside down The continuity and clarity provided by this material contrasts with the strength of the merbau wood chosen to make the furniture under the sinks and for the floor. Junckers platform. Monomandos, from Dornbracht.

The bathroom is compartmentalized

To guarantee privacy, the toilets were located in one of the glazed cabins; These are flown models that accentuate the feeling of cleanliness. Bidet and toilet Meridian model, from Roca. The hardware of the doors are from El Picaporte.

Equipped shower area

Tasos marble platelets cover the floor of the shower cubicle; These are transverse pieces with bush hammered finish, to prevent slipping, and in a polished version on the walls and the bench. Single lever and hand shower, by Vola. Sprayer, from Dornbracht.

Flat: Bathroom with glass divisions

A structure of transparent glass partitions divides this square-shaped bathroom in different areas, renovated by the Project and Design Consultants company.

1 THE SHOWER. This space was conceived as a relaxation area, with a built-in bench and a very complete shower cubicle, so it was granted more meters than usual.

2 SANITARY. They stood in line with the shower, facing the sink area. Its independence was guaranteed by fixed glass and a swinging door.

3 DOUBLE LAUNDRY. Since space allowed, to facilitate the concept of shared bathroom, two breasts and a piece of furniture were installed underneath with a large storage capacity for two people.

4 STORAGE. The passage area from the access door had enough width to include, attached to the wall, a second storage cabinet.