A decorated attic facing the outside

A decorated attic facing the outside

The interior designer Sagrario Escribano was responsible for the reform and decoration of this Madrid penthouse. The presence of a terrace along one of the facades, with an enviable view over the city center, It was a key element when distributing the house. The first measure was to remove walls that were not necessary to organize open spaces. And this with two objectives: enjoy a relaxed atmosphere that will enhance the feeling of spaciousness and facilitate the circulation of light from the terrace into the house. The result is in sight. Living area, dining room and work corner share the same space bathed in an intense natural luminosity. Only one pillar, which could not be suppressed for reasons of structural safety, and a half-height wall delimit, in a subtle way, the passage to the rest of the house.

Another fundamental aspect of the reform was the custom furniture design to house the owners' book collection: a bookcase from floor to ceiling in the living room, another inside the wall that separates the living area from the dining room, and shelves in the original niches that already existed in the bedroom. As for the decoration, the interior designer started from the white range to multiply the natural light that comes from the outside. Present on the walls and in the larger furniture - such as the sofa or dining room table - white allowed to play with bright tones.

Regarding the style, the owners were clear. They wanted a modern house, with furniture of simple lines that coexist perfectly with striking pieces, authentic icons of contemporary design: like the Butterfly armchair in the living area or the armchair Barcelona located at the foot of the bed, in the bedroom. Signs of identity, all of them, of a current decoration that combines aesthetics and practicality to fill a functional house with beauty, rich in ingenious ideas.

Advertising - Keep reading below A terrace-oriented house

Both the living room and the master bedroom share the same facade, covered by an impressive terrace. It is accessed from the living area through doors with glass panels that visually extend the space to the outside. When left open, this area becomes part of the decoration of the room. The natural light entrance graduated with double linen blinds, from Canterano.

A delicious terrace

As if it were an urban garden, the terrace houses plants and even fruit trees.

The living room, an endless space

It is the feeling that was achieved by suppressing the partitions and unifying the living room, hallway and dining room. The only element that was not suppressed, for reasons of architectural security, was the central pillar, which was integrated into the decoration thanks to the wall that separates the living area from the dining room, located at the bottom. The wall was also extended as a side of the bookcase: a design by the interior designer Sagrario Escribano in white lacquered DM.

Living room furniture

Roma sofa, Sicom coffee table and side table with glass top, all, from Canterano. Cushions, by Antennae. Floor lamp, for sale in Aries Decoration. From Batavia: Butterfly armchair, in cowhide, teak table with circular tray envelope and folding structure, and table lamp. Carpet model Ahnif, from Berberia.

Ingenious solution

With the reform, useless corridors and distributors were disregarded that only compartmentalized the space and prevented the free circulation of natural light. The back of the wall that integrates the pillar was used with a low bookcase with the same finish as the design made on the wall of the living area. The floor lamp was located next to the pillar, a location that partially camouflages it and does not obstruct the passage to the living room or to any other area of ​​the house.

A decoration with hallmarks

The dining room and work corner share the same space as the living area. In order for each environment to be well defined, a decoration that gave identity and character to each of them was sought. In the work corner, a polished aluminum and glass table with curved oak chairs was chosen. Apple table and chairs, for sale in Canterano.

The dinner room

In the dining room, the daring play of color is striking: two fuchsia chairs alternate with two other eggplant color under the red ceiling lamps. Everything, harmonized by the serenity of the white table with glass envelope. Jean table, for sale in Canterano, Chabada chairs, Roche Bobois and Olivia lamps, from Marset, for sale in Comercial Fraile. Candle holder by Sia.

A kitchen with an office

A dining room was organized next to the cooking zone. The table was chosen with the Silestone envelope, the same material and finish used for the countertop. The radiator, located under the window, was painted in the same red color of the wall. Table with envelope of Silestone, of Biotti. Chairs Cuadra y estor, from Canterano. Ceiling lamps, from Comercial Fraile.

Kitchen furniture in wenge

The doors in wenge finish create a sober and elegant contrast with steel appliances. On the longest wall were the oven and the microwave in column, the refrigerator and the built-in coffee maker, all framed by tall cabinets to the ceiling and drawers. The floor, with large format tiles in cement finish, enhances the current style of the kitchen. Kitchen furniture, by Biotti. The appliances are from the Bosch firm. Built-in coffee maker, from Zanussi.

In the bedroom, objective: relax

Every detail of the bedroom was planned to make it an environment to take refuge. The original niches on both sides of the bed were rehabilitated with a double function: on the one hand, they replace the bedside tables and on the other, they were used as shelves. The window ledge was also enabled to place more books. Next to it, a wall mirror and an armchair allow you to dress comfortably. Mirror, by Aries Decoration. Armchair, for sale in Deslan. Tolomeo Lamp, in Ideas Luz. Upholstered headboard and patterned curtains, from Canterano. Cushions, by Maison de Vacances.


It is accessed from the bedroom through a sliding glass door to acid. The interior designer designed the washbasin cabinet and the shelf: a shallow shelf that protects the mirror from splashing water. Porcelanosa washbasin and Cosmic faucet; both in Trazes. Furniture made by Santomar Ebanistas.

Wall Clock

It is the star piece of the kitchen. This one is from La Oca and costs € 48.


Whenever security permits, the removal of walls results in a diaphanous distribution that helps to make the most of the spaces. The glass, transparent in the windows and doors that face the exterior, and the acid in the interior door panels, makes it easy for the light to pass from one environment to another. We took note of the solutions to place the books: shelves were made on the wall and on the wall of the living room, in the bedroom niches, on the windowsills ...

The main furniture, such as the sofa or the dining table, in white admits details in bright and intense tones.