Tips to set up your dining room according to the available space, your tastes and needs

Tips to set up your dining room according to the available space, your tastes and needs

The dining room is the space in the house where you can meet friends and family and share meals, talks and games. If you need to renew it, write down our proposals, they are easy.

(1) How tall is your dining room?

The table is the main protagonist of the dining room. Choose your form in tune with the available space.

Ambience of La Redoute Interieurs.

If you have a few meters, the best are rectangular, square and extensible. If, on the other hand, your dining room is large, opt for a rectangular or round.

(2) Choose your style

Ambience of Car Möbel.

If you want a fun and personal dining room, bet on different seats. Choose chairs of uneven models or colors or mix benches, stools and chairs. Of course, the height should be similar.

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(3) Round tables

Round dining tables are more welcoming, social, visually lighter and offer more seating than square ones in proportion to their size.

Dining room, by Kenay Home.

A table of 120 cm can accommodate up to 6 people. If you need 8, you will have to have a minimum diameter of 150 cm.

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(4) Mini dining rooms

Do not give up your dining room if your house is small.

Rice environment.

If the space for the dining room is small, buy folding chairs and narrow, extendable, thin-legged and rectangular tables to be able to stick it to the wall and multiply the capacity.

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(5) The (other) dining room furniture

Ambience of El Corte Inglés.
Keep everything you need for the table close by.

The cupboards and showcases will allow you to have dishes and glassware at hand, while becoming a decorative element that brings charm. You can also opt for shelves or sideboards with drawers.

(6) How should you light the dining room?

It is necessary to place a direct light on the table.

La Redoute dining room.

Choose ceiling models, leaving a distance of 75 cm. If the table is round, a single luminaire will suffice, but if it is large, you will need more than one.

(7) Where is the dining room?

Ikea dining room.

If the dining room is in the living room, place it near the kitchen, easily accessible and next to the window, to take advantage of the light and enjoy the views. If it is integrated into the kitchen, it will be very practical for day to day. In this room, the table will be functional with a countertop suitable for cooking, eating ...

(8) The dining room decoration

Dress the table impeccably with tablecloths that cover the entire surface, long, but not dragged.

Lorena Canals carpet.

Combine dishes and put the necessary cups to not fill it. Put a carpet that defines chairs and table and give warmth.

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