Laura Butler's (spectacular) kitchen in 10 images

Laura Butler's (spectacular) kitchen in 10 images

Patrick Butler-Madden

When in 2016, Laura Butler and her husband, Patrick, acquired this old Victorian house in Dorset, they were very clear what the space that would integrate the kitchen, dining room and living room.

With 16 meters long and 4.5 meters high, the area had originally been a horse stable, and despite the great decorative challenge involved, the couple gave free rein to their imagination by designing a unique and very bright atmosphere.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Pure style Patrick Butler-Madden

The set of three environments that share space It is harmonious and cozy.

2 Gray Range Patrick Butler-Madden

Due to the large dimensions, Laura opted for a gray-dominated color palettewhere the tone Railings, Farrow & Ball, coexists with a beautiful marble countertop.

3 New roads Patrick Butler-Madden

As I also wanted get away from the traditional cooking concept, decided to clear the walls and, instead of placing cabinets, dress her with a paint.

4 Big time Patrick Butler-Madden

Facing the central island, a large dining table decorated with candles and flowers, visually divide the space between the kitchen and the living room, all in perfect harmony.

5 nostalgic airs Patrick Butler-Madden

The Aga brand white kitchen, is one of the small treasures that Laura craved since childhood, and that is responsible for providing that touch vintage So cute to the environment.

6 Winning Mix Patrick Butler-Madden

The copper sconces They are another success in decorating this atypical (and wonderful) kitchen.

7 Chic Patrick Butler-Madden

He storage space under the central island It becomes an improvised library.

8 Multifunction Patrick Butler-Madden

The central island is in turn an American bar thanks to the glamorous golden structure stools.

9 Mid-century Patrick Butler-Madden

A style lamp mid-century crown the ceiling of the room.

10 great challenges Patrick Butler-Madden

Given so much space, Laura was afraid that the kitchen furniture would lose prominence. Could not be farther from the truth!