A 65m2 apartment for a whole family

A 65m2 apartment for a whole family

Eliminating some partitions that divided and compressed the interior of this apartment built in 1955 in Valencia was a before and after. The owners, a couple with two children, wanted to get the most out of 65 square meters and create in them a home in which the daily life of their family would be comfortable. This was the challenge posed to the Vidal and Capatina Group, composed of the interior design studio Vicente Vidal and the construction company Cirpian Capatina, which set to work to achieve it.

The first thing they did was to rethink the distribution. In the center of the house, they joined spaces to create an open common area composed of the kitchen, the dining room and the living room and that has become "the space from which the rest of the rooms are distributed", explain the project managers . From it the three bedrooms and the bathroom arise (in the gallery of images that accompanies these lines you can see a plan of how the floor was before the reform and after). The palette of materials and colors has been reduced to a minimum and it has been used in all rooms to unify them, achieving a relaxed, coherent and visually wider interior. In the decoration, few pieces, but very good chosen and of a marked Nordic style. For designers, the result is a home "where you can develop the daily life of a family, in a small space, but with a lot of charm". We could not agree more.

Photos: Mayte Piera

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A family went to the Vidal and Capatina Group to reform their 65 square meter apartment.


To make it cozy and visually wider, the designers used a palette of materials and colors quite reduced. The living room sofa is from Temahome and, in the background, String's bookcase.

Gray matter

The white, black and gray tones combined with the color of the wood predominate. HAY armchair and side table.

Small birds

Birds shorebirds from Normann Copenhagen.

More wood

The TV cabinet and sideboard are from Treku, the lamp is the Miguel Milá Basket model for Santa & Cole and the Vagnelind sheet.

A design classic

Floor lamp TMM by Miguel Milá for Santa & Cole.

To share is to live

Interior designers demolished several partitions to create a common area with the kitchen, dining room and living room.


The auxiliary pieces of furniture, such as the pouf and the auxiliary tables, allow to modify the space to adapt it to the needs of each moment.

Dinning room

Under Normann Copenhagen lamp, chairs and table by Andreu World.

White cabinets

Kitchen with Saitra furniture, Neolith countertop, White faucets and Siemens appliances.

Visual amplitude To the roof

The doors were custom designed to make them as tall as possible.

The importance of light

The technical lighting of the house is BPM.

The entrance

Small, but very equipped.

Good support

Treku hall furniture.

Great capacity

Custom cabinets from Tobisa.

Relaxing bath

In the bathroom, Cosmic washbasin cabinet and accessories with Three faucets.


The coatings are from Saloni and the Ideal Standard toilet.

Plan before Later plane