A DIY baby house

A DIY baby house

Courtesy of Bosch

With slats and wooden boards, some tools and some skill, we propose you to build a beautiful, colorful and safe playground for the little ones in the house.

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Easy to build, customizable and very safe. Follow the step by step you will find below and create the perfect playhouse for your baby.

Construction plan Courtesy of Bosch

These are the pieces and the measures you need to make the cabin perfect.

Cut Courtesy of Bosch

After drawing the pieces on the wood, we will cut them with a multipurpose saw.

Punch out Courtesy of Bosch

Based on the plane, we will make the perforations in the lateral and transverse slats, helping us with a drill.

Security Courtesy of Bosch

So that the baby can not leave, we will cover the bottom of all sides with wooden planks.

Seal Courtesy of Bosch

For a more beautiful and safe finish, we will seal all screw holes with putty and smooth it.

Paint Courtesy of Bosch

Choose the color you like best and that best matches the decoration and paint it. For a perfect finish, use a spray system.

Mount Courtesy of Bosch

We will mount the structure and the roof as indicated in the plan.

To end Courtesy of Bosch

The last step is to place cushions, blankets and stuffed animals. You can also hang a cell phone from the roof.