15 bathrooms with small floors

15 bathrooms with small floors

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Personal and white

If you choose the look Total white to give clarity to a small bathroom, do not forget to give personality to the accessories. In this 55 square meter apartment (which we visited here), they have given a special touch with a hanging round mirror.

2 Same style

If a flat is small, continuing the same aesthetic in all rooms will make the spaces connect and expand visually. This is what they have done with the bathroom of this Lisbon studio (visit it, here).

3 In the air

A suspended piece of furniture and a large mirror make this minibaño look bigger. The rest of the loft, here.

4 Interior window

In this 52 square meter Parisian apartment, a window allows the light to reach the bathroom and visually expands it. The full floor you can know, here.

5 Black and white

Simplicity has been the key to decorating this bathroom in a loft of only 25 square meters. Get to know this complete mini-flat, here.

6 Transparency

A transparent screen allows you to see the entire depth of the bathroom. You can discover this idea and others in a London apartment that you can see here.

7 Camouflaged

The entrance to this bathroom is hidden in a closet front. It is one of the ideas not to recharge the atmosphere of a 32 square meter apartment that you can see, here.

8 Like new

Superficial touch-ups completely changed the look of this 45-square-meter bathroom, which you can see here.

9 Expand horizons

A mirror to visually expand the space and warm tones to create a peaceful environment: the two keys to the success of this bathroom on a floor of 50 square meters. Fall in love with the rest of this home, here.

10 Designed to the millimeter

In the bathroom of this studio everything was designed to the millimeter to make the most of its 20 square meters. Meet the rest of this floor, here.

11 The importance of accessories

Black and white are also the protagonists of this bathroom belonging to a 43-meter minicasa located in a forest. The accessories, like a cactus in a pot shaped like a boot, are what give it personality. Guided visit to this house, here.

12 Gain space

Putting a sliding door will give almost another square meter to your bathroom. This is what they did in an old fisherman's house of 40 square meters in Ibiza that rehabilitated the Due Architecture & Design studio. Full visit, here.

13 Winning Combination

On the wall of this bathroom a hydraulic tile base was combined with light blue paint, giving it warmth and personality. The rest of the 50 square meter penthouse that welcomes you, here.

14 Stylish

The lack of space does not imply lack of design. This bathroom in a 53m2 apartment (which you can visit, here), with mosaic wall, fine mirror and closet with minimalist washbasin is the proof of this.

15 Large capacity

In a corner of the bathroom of this 65-square-meter apartment, they placed a high shelf with open storage and in a darker color that contrasted. In addition, they took advantage of one of the sides to put the towel rail. The full floor we go through here.