The plants and you, a love story

The plants and you, a love story

The variety of shapes and colors of flowers is so immense that their decorative possibilities are no longer limited to display in vases or simple centerpieces. In the last decade, we have seen how they shape creations that we can describe as artistic and that are more similar to the world of sculpture than that of the florist. A good example of the rise of floral art is the Flora festival which, for the third year In a row, the city of Córdoba was again flooded with ephemeral floral interventions, which remained open to the public from October 18 to 27. To do this, they invited the best floral artists worldwide, including Ruby Barber, better known as Mary Lennox - whom we see on these lines -, which she exhibited in the Central Courtyard of the Palace of Orive. In addition, the PHKA collective exhibited at the Viana Palace; Lisa Waud, in the Courtyards of the Palace of the Páez de Castillejo; Thierry Boutemy presented his installation in the Clock Courtyard of the Palacio de la Merced and Flor Motion, in the Central Courtyard of the Góngora House. (

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What would happen if each of us planted a tree? With that idea, Bosquia was born, a collective reforestation service where we can contribute our grain of sand to sustainability by sponsoring trees. Select the number of them that the Bosquia team will plant and take care of in your name, and you will receive a certificate with the geolocation of the trees, so you can visit them and observe their progression at all times. (

MIni cactus

They almost do not need water, although a little sun, and since they take up little space, the mini cacti are perfect to create compositions with several small pots grouped in a tray. Choose them in different shades of green to give a fresh touch to any environment. And take care that nobody eats them! Chameleon, from Urban Fauna (€ 19.95).

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Buy flowers

Buy flowers at the click of a button and add your personal stamp to the order. The Floristería Original Flor has just launched the service so that you can choose both the varieties and the type of foliage and the vase. In addition, thanks to its tricks and tips, you will find it easy to combine shapes, sizes and colors to create the ideal bouquet.

Nothing to splash

For your indoor pots, choose a shower that is not very large, with a long, narrow neck that fits between the leaves. These showers are from Esschert Design (€ 16.32 each) at

Now they will grow

Who says that the only way to renovate your garden or balcony is to buy new species? Not at all! The book Multiply your plants, Gardening expert Philippe Ferrer proposes more than twenty formulas to grow the specimens we already have at home and get new ones. From Larousse (€ 10.35 on