How to mount a Christmas tree from scratch

How to mount a Christmas tree from scratch

In this video-tutorial We are going to show you how to set up a Christmas tree from scratch. This is, starting by choosing the tree. We have to keep in mind how much space we have at home and the exact area in which it will remain. It has to be a sheltered place without traffic, a quiet and static corner or corner where we cannot take it ahead every time we pass. This will preserve the work of art in which we will turn this tree during Christmas.

The height of the specimen is the first thing to decide. The ideal is 1.80 m. If the roofs of your house are very high it could reach 2 m and a little more wingspan.

We start the Christmas decoration by distributing the light garland from top to bottom and on! It is important to hide the cable well between the branches. Next, we place the rest of the ornaments until the whole tree is well covered. Don't forget to cover your foot with a blanket, wooden logs or gifts. Finally, we finish off the top with an emblematic object, like a big star.

Surely this tree captures looks!

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