How to make a small room look bigger in a few simple steps

How to make a small room look bigger in a few simple steps

Actually, we cannot enlarge a small room without resorting to serious reform work. But we can make the space seem wider.

Interior designers and home experts often resort to tricks for small spaces, from smart lighting to flashy colors, to transform a mini lounge into just one weekend.

Carolyn Bailey, editor of Good Housekeeping's Homes, gives us these tips to maximize the potential of cozy rooms.

Choose colors carefully when it comes to a small space. And risk only where you will use each color.

"A couple of colors will help make a small room seem more spacious and quiet," says Carolyn. "Paint the walls, baseboards and even the ceiling of the same color."

Choosing furniture that matches the walls will also create a great effect.

"Sofas and curtains in the same tone as the room will combine well and help create a sense of space and make it look bigger than it really is," says Carolyn.

But what colors really expand a space?

"Pink is very fashionable right now and is a beautiful soft option with neutral tones and is ideal for small rooms. My favorites include Pink Ground, Calamine Y Middleton Pink from Farrow & Ball. Be careful with white as it can make a room look austere and cold, especially if there is little natural light, "says Carolyn.

Use mirrors to reflect the light, instantly creating an illusion of space.

"The easiest way to trick the eye into thinking that a space is bigger than it really is, is by installing a pair of mirrors, the bigger the better," says Carolyn. "The reflection captures the look creating the illusion of more space. In addition, it is a good idea to place the mirrors in front of a window to reflect the light and brighten the space at the same time."

Also think carefully about how you illuminate the room. A lamp in the corner is not going to help much ...

"Illuminates the walls from a series of spotlights or sconces dotted around the room. Low lighting works great compared to a central ceiling lamp that creates the opposite effect, drawing attention to the center of the room, making it look much smaller ".

Less is (definitely) more when choosing how to decorate and furnish a small room, so re-store ornaments and choose accessories to give small interiors room to breathe.

"Limit the accessories and leave some empty space on the shelves to create a bright and airy look," says Carolyn. "Integrated shelving will also maximize available space and help create an illusion of space."

Heavy curtains on both sides of the windows will limit some of that precious light and will have a negative impact.

"If possible, leave the window unadorned to create a greater sense of space," says Carolyn, or if you're looking for privacy, opt for roller blinds or Roman blinds.

Filling a room with furniture will make it seem like the walls are falling on you, instead, be smart with what you choose to furnish your room.

"Glass, plastic or methacrylate furniture tricks the eye into believing there is more space than there really is," says Carolyn.

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