Ideas for organizing an informal dinner in the lounge

Ideas for organizing an informal dinner in the lounge

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A proper posture, essential.

Sitting on the couch, you must maintain an upright position, without slouching, to facilitate digestion. It is also very important to chew calmly.

Something simple and quick to prepare.

Do not complicate yourself and choose easy dishes that do not require you to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. A rich
Salad, grilled vegetables, sandwiches or creams will be the best.


For several guests, the best are dishes to share: try varied crostinis, focaccias, toasts and crudités with hummus.

A vegan alternative

Even if you follow a strict diet or have intolerance to certain foods, do not miss the pleasure of eating from the couch. Our proposal? Chickpea and sweet potato burgers served with arugula and peanut sauce. Mmm!

Gourmet sandwiches

They are the perfect alternative for a quick dinner. As not only sausages live the snacks, blow your imagination and create new recipes combining chicken with tomato, arugula and cheese; a baguette gratin with ham, mushrooms and cheese; Guacamole and Salmon ...

Something sweet

For the final touch, try milkshakes or smoothies of homemade natural fruits. Take advantage of seasonal products and you will succeed.