How to pack your luggage so you have a perfect trip

How to pack your luggage so you have a perfect trip


If you travel by car it is important to place the trunk. Place the most bulky items, such as large rigid suitcases, in the lower back, so as not to alter the center of gravity of the vehicle. Arrange in the remaining space, flexible and medium-sized bags, and fill in the gaps with the smaller bags. Do not forget that the car has a maximum authorized weight.


Use several necessities, such as Cath Kidston's, to group the products according to your needs: body, oral hygiene ... Make sure the boats have a safety lock, you can even wrap them in plastic wrap.

If you travel by plane and carry the toilet bag in the cabin, forget about scissors, razors or tweezers. The liquid containers cannot be more than 100ml and all must enter a transparent bag of a liter capacity.


Keys to success. Plan yourself, write a list with everything you need and sort by categories: clothes, papers, personal and electronic care. Do it two days before, in case you are missing something at the last minute.

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Place the shoes and the toilet bag at the bottom, as they are the heaviest. Start with the clothes: roll up your pants, sweaters and shirts, so they take up less space; Do not do it with the delicate garments, which you will put on so that they do not wrinkle. Choose pieces that can be combined with each other and organize several sets with them. You can also divide the suitcase into two parts; on the one hand, pants and skirts, and on the other, shirts and t-shirts, you will locate everything faster. Put a couple of empty bags for dirty clothes. And, above all, avoid the "just in case".


Use a backpack to store chargers, adapters, cables ... Put the tablet in a case and the camera with all its accessories.

If there is no choice but to carry them in your suitcase, put them in the center of the luggage, surrounded by clothes, to protect them from bumps. Collect the documentation: passport, ID, tickets, to have them located.


Opt for cloth bags for shoes, so you avoid bad smells and stain the rest of the clothes. Put them facing and in the opposite direction, forming a rectangle.

Separate the underwear, swimsuits, socks, jewelry ... and organize the pieces of the change by sets, you will find them faster and you will not mess up the rest.