Gourmet tricks for grilling or barbecue (BBQ)

Gourmet tricks for grilling or barbecue (BBQ)

If you want your barbecue to come out perfect, you need to start preparing
the food and the venue well in advance to avoid scares.

Plan the barbecue and order the food

Space. Being an informal meal, it is not necessary for all attendees
Have a seat. What you can not miss is a table are plates, glasses and
Cutlery and a corner with cold drinks and ice. Open umbrellas and extend the awnings so that the cook and the guests are cool and comfortable.

Quantities It is essential to know the number of people who are going to go to make the purchase. Once you know, calculate about 200 grams per person for starters and 250 grams of lean meats or fish for the main course.

Cooking times. Start cooking the entrees that are usually pork and take longer to make. Continue with the chicken and vegetables. Leave for the end the beef and lamb that with 5 minutes on each side will be ready.

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The embers at its point

Before lighting the barbecue, make sure it is well cleaned. If it is coal, it will take between 45 and 55 minutes, and if it is wood, double. The embers must be flameless, gray and reddish in color, spread evenly throughout the barbecue, so that the entire surface receives the same heat. Brush for cleaning the barbecue GAINWELL 11,97 € Buy

Irresistible flavor!

Take out all the juice from the barbecue meat respecting your cooking times.

Make the pieces of pork and chicken 10 min on each side with the grill 10 cm and the ox, 5 min on each side 5 cm from the fire. Add salt when cooked.

MEAT SKEWERS: Spread them with tomato sauce, mustard or aromatic herbs, a tasty crust will form and the meat will keep its flavor.
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From the sea to the fire

Some examples of grilled fish are sardines, sea bass or sea bream, and seafood, octopus, shrimp and clams.

Before putting the whole piece to the fire, grease it. Avoid moving it a lot and place the crustaceans on the back to avoid shrinking.

Grilled vegetables

Vegetables provide few calories and are very satiating. Prepare peppers, asparagus, onions, corn or eggplant, to accompany meats and fish.

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