10 things you should remove from your bathroom immediately

10 things you should remove from your bathroom immediately

Have you ever thought about how heat and humidity affect the things you keep in your bathroom? Well, this is why you should go looking for a new space for your makeup, jewelry, towels, etc. Take note!

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If you want to run away from mold, do not store towels or sheets in the bathroom.

Our advice: To reduce the humidity of wet towels after showering, use the extractor as much as you can.


The bathroom is the least suitable place to store medications, because they are exposed to moisture and temperature changes.

Look for a site that stays at room temperature (over 20º).


The humidity of the environment can accelerate the oxidation process. That's why it's better to keep them in a cold and dry room.


No matter what you use: makeup powder, liquid ... Anyway, remove it from the bathroom and keep it at room temperature.

In addition, it is the perfect excuse to invest in a bedroom vanity!


The same goes for perfumes. Even if you love exposing them in the closet, you should know that heat and humidity also accelerate the oxidation process and make the smell spoil.

Non-waterproof electronic devices

We know: There's nothing like singing with Taylor Swift in the shower. But high humidity makes appliances that are not designed for the bathroom vulnerable to damage.

Our advice: Choose a waterproof device to make it safe.


Yes, it is tempting to have books in the bathroom. But the humidity will end up spoiling them, so keep them in a dry place when you're not going to read them.

Nail polish

In theory, nail polish can last up to two years, but if you keep them in the bathroom they may not arrive. That is why it is better than transfers, for example, to your bedroom, as long as they are kept at room temperature.

Extra blades

We recommend that you only store in the bathroom the blade that you are going to use, because the humidity and steam of the shower could oxidize the rest before releasing them.

Hand soap

If you switch to liquid soap you will forget the tedious task of cleaning the plate or countertop every two by three.

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