An urban style mini house

An urban style mini house

A comprehensive reform of a flat which was in poor condition, very old, located in the center of Madrid. Interior stays and small spaces. The architect, interior designer and blogger of Boho Chic Style, Sandra de Benito, is responsible for the transformation: more open and bright rooms.

The owners wanted a house that was visually spacious and bright, for this reason the new distribution was completely modified. Of the two bedrooms, kitchen, toilet and a small initial room, I went to a floor where living room and kitchen with bar coexist. Behind a lot of cargo, the bedroom and a full bathroom. This is the 27 square meters that this apartment has.

In the decoration an urban and cosmopolitan air was achieved with pieces inspired by the industrial style with three colors as axis: black, red and white. Ceramic coatings that mimic brick and furniture that combine iron and natural wood were used.

It was important to use light and versatile pieces. For example, when the dining table is closed, it looks like a console, it hardly takes up space. If needed, reach two meters. The coffee table has wheels, which facilitate its movement, and the sofa becomes a bed.

The furniture comes from stores like, Ikea, Maisons du Monde and Tatatin.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living area

Living room, dining room and kitchen are connected. Very close to the hall.

With direct access to the kitchen

This is delimited with a breakfast bar.

Detail of the audiovisual furniture

Industrial style Here you can also see the opening that opens in the partition that separates the day area from the bedroom. Thus the natural light flows.

Dining room

Although the apartment only has 27 square meters there is no lack of detail. The console attached to the wall is also the dining table.

The kitchen in red

The kitchen has been chosen in red and white to fit in the urban air of the day area.

Brick walls

The brick cladding chosen to decorate some fronts enhances the cosmopolitan style of the decoration.

L furniture with breakfast bar Hall View In the background, the most private area, which has natural light Detail of the wall that makes environments independent The bedroom

In the bedroom the storage area is solved with an open closet. Garland, from Tatatin.


With shower and with a brick wall.

Bathroom detail

The washing machine is installed in the bathroom between the shower and the sink.