How to have a happier hamster than a partridge

How to have a happier hamster than a partridge

Aranzazu Díaz Huertas

My name is Salem and I am a hamster Roborowski. I am the smallest of my kind and I round 5 centimeters. As in nature I am an easy prey, I have a fearful character, but I run more than any! In fact, I'm somewhat hyperactive, so I need a lot of toys to entertain myself. The thing that they catch me and I don't like those things much, moreover, I usually escape as soon as they try, let's say they look but don't touch. Still, I'm a soft and adorable creature, and I'm sure you're going to fall in love with me. Do you want to know how to take care of me? Keep reading…

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Advertising - Keep reading below Hello Aránzazu Díaz Huerta

I'm here again, but now I want to tell you something about rodents. There are a lot of races, some more sociable than others, and it is important that you know how to choose well.

I am specifically what in the cowboy cinema they would call a outlaw, I go to mine and so I am happy. But there are other hamsters who need physical contact (poor children) with their owners. The choice is yours!

And remember that if you are going to catch me you have to do it carefully, and never leave me alone in front of other animals!

Prepare me a house in conditions Aránzazu Díaz Huerta

To live with all the comforts I deserve, I need a house big enough not to get bored. But if space doesn't allow it, take me out of the cage every day so I can run around and explore my way. Of course, the feeder, the drinker and the wheel ... are indispensable!

Feed me well

Choose specific food for those of my size (mini), but also give me pieces of egg, carrot or apple, because if I do not lack nutrients!

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Change me water every day

I also need fresh water, so don't forget to change it every day, I don't get to the tap!

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Buy me an exercise ball

If your house has dangerous corners or you think it could get me where I shouldn't (something typical of me), an exercise ball is perfect to investigate without worries.

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I like cages with tubes

This I am going to ask at Christmas, to see if my owner is rolled up. The more floors, the more I have fun, and if it has tubes and slides, I will be the hamster more happy!

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To travel

If you are going to travel with me and show me the most beautiful places in the world, take me in a carrier. But if it's cold, put me a blanket, because I hate to get sick and unfortunately, being so small I am more fragile (don't tell anyone).

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