Corners at home tailored to your dog

Corners at home tailored to your dog

We have seen all these corners on Pinterest.

Advertising - Keep reading below A transformed furniture

A shoemaker or a dresser for example can become your dog's shelter if you replace drawers and doors with a mat. Hang your ride belt on a hook on the side.

How it is done: A piece of furniture for the pet

A big box with their names

A large wooden box (which you can do with pallets), a mat and their names painted on the front.

With wooden slats

And on top. A full-fledged house.

In a tire

Painted in a fashion color!

A converted shoemaker

Converted into a corner for your pet. Look what an idea.

The corner of his toys

A container with his toys.

Wooden house A big bed Indian

Your dog's bed may be an Indian teepee.

In any piece of furniture

To accompany you in the kitchen, adapt a low module to your pet.

With side outlet

Through a curtain.

In the hall

Furniture in the hall, store and bed for your dog.

In a suitcase

Ready to go on a trip!

Three are not a crowd

And less with this corner designed for them and their accessories.

Feeder and drinker

In a corner to suit you, with the bowls embedded in a module in which you can also store accessories.

All in one

Bed on one side and accessories on the contrary.

Retrieve a vintage suitcase

Put some legs and you have your bed.

Of design

Almost as an architect. A design solution for the garden, with grass in the upper area (roof) and bed and bowls in the lower.

In height

A small house with open and closed space.

With textiles for your pets

Mat and cushions to make your bed fluffy.

A corner for him

With his favorite cushion and the photos in which he looks more handsome.

In a fruit box, for mini dogs In the stairwell With toldito A plant for them

A corner for your pets, like a room to suit you. What a doggy life!

One bed for you and one for your pet