12 IKEA hacks to organize your hall

12 IKEA hacks to organize your hall


Not everyone has been blessed with a wonderful hall where you can hang your keys, coats, and place your shoes. Therefore, we offer several solutions to reinvent this space with your IKEA furniture.

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We all want a comfortable place to sit while we take off our shoes. To make it more functional, place a bookcase at the base of the sofa and in this way, you can add storage boxes below.

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What you need: IKEA KALLAX shelf, 38 € (approx.), IKEA; sofa mattress, 65 € (approx.)Amazon

Photo: Melodrama

Storage benches

The secret of an organized house is to hide storage spaces. Here, the benches next to the hangers for the coats, and the bookshelf, create the perfect set to store your things in a simple and concealed way.

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What you need: IKEA Stuva storage benches, € 65 (approx.), IKEA; coat hangers, € 15 (approx.) for 10, Amazon

Photo: The Mombot

Choose artistic hangers

These brightly colored hangers are functional and fun, and your kids will love them!

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What you need: IKEA LOSJÖN hangers, 6for five, IKEA

Photo: IKEA

Use pieces of the same line

The well-known IKEA Hemnes line has a classic style that allows all the pieces to fit perfectly in the hall. Here, a bookcase, a bridge structure and a television stand, create a storage unit in harmony.

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What you need: TV support IKEA HEMNES, 193 € (approx.), IKEA; IKEA HEMNES bridge structure, 100 € (approx.), IKEA; book shelf IKEA HEMNES, 110 € (approx.), IKEA

Photo: Golden Boys & Me

Suspended wardrobe

A suspended closet like this, contains several storage drawers inside, so you can store what you want by taking advantage of the space in the hall.

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What you need: IKEA BESTA suspended cabinet, 203 € (approx.), IKEA

Photo: Nordic Bliss

Turn book shelves into lockers

Use several of the shelves to create a space where your children can hang the backpack and coat, and place the shoes underneath.

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What you need: book shelves IKEA BILLY, 42 € (approx.), IKEA; hangers, 10 € (approx.) For 10, Amazon

Photo: Polka Dot Chair

Use a bar instead of a standing coat rack

In this way, you will not monopolize floor space, but the utility will be the same. In addition, if you hang a basket as in the photo, you can store your keys and forget about forgetting.

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What you need: IKEA FINTORP bar, 7 € (approx.), IKEA; IKEA FINTORP hangers, 2 € (approx.), IKEA; IKEA FINTORP basket, 14 € (approx.), IKEA

Photo: Bonnie Tsang

Mail Organizer

Three magazine holders placed under a shelf, will allow each person in the family to have their own space for mail and important papers.

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What you need: magazine organizer IKEA KNUFF, 8 € (approx.) for two, IKEA; wooden shelf, 40 € (approx.), Amazon

Photo: Instructables

A shelf as a coat rack

This narrow shelf offers space to place nine hangers. In addition, you can use it to place your keys, mail or even pieces of art.

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What you need: IKEA MOSSLANDA shelf, 6 € (approx.), IKEA; hangers, 19 € (approx.)Amazon

Photo: IKEA Share Space

A grocer to hang your keys

Although you normally use it to place oregano and pepper, why not give it a new use in the hall? In addition, adding some hangers will have space for all your keys.

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What you need: IKEA BEKVÄM grocer, € 3 (approx.), IKEA; hangers, 15 € (approx.) by 10, Amazon

Photo: IKEA Hackers

Use a headboard as storage

If you place it in a corner, you will take advantage of the space to hang coats and bags, and if you add a box, you can keep the rest of things and keep order.

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Photo: IKEA Hackers

Use half console

Instead of trying to fit that large table, opt for a half console, so that you can place the most important things on top, such as keys or mail.

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What you need: IKEA LACK shelf, 12 € (approx.), IKEA; IKEA ADILS legs, € 4 (approx.), IKEA

Photo: Hey, Let's Make Stuff

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