We visited the ephemeral hotel of Ikea in the center of Madrid

We visited the ephemeral hotel of Ikea in the center of Madrid

Starting tomorrow and until October 15, you can become a guest of a very special hotel. Ikea has endorsed the iconic Richard Gans building, on Princesa 66 street in Madrid, to open Hotel Lounge, an ephemeral event in which he has recreated eight very different rooms that will host events. In the words of Lorenzo Meazza, head of interior design at IKEA who has led the project, “we wanted to pay homage to this space in the house, showing how we can enjoy it as much as a place of gathering and meeting with ourselves, as of communication and socialization with others ”.

There are rooms for all tastes, from more classic and elegant, to paradise for series and video game addicts, through the perfect refuge for the little ones, the ideal den for sports lovers and a room to meditate and find yourself with yourself. In the image gallery that precedes these lines you can see some of these spaces, which can be visited for free from 12h to 20h.

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It is the largest space in the Hotel and is designed so that people can celebrate a party. The living room itself has several different areas: a hall, a lobby, a dining area and the living room itself. With an eclectic style, the IKEA interior design team, led by Lorenzo Meazza, has recreated an atmosphere that evokes the past, with a fireplace, sculptures, golden elements and mixed with more modern elements of trend, which give it a more contemporary look . Its design resembles that of a collector's house in Paris or Venice, where contemporary design is mixed with antiques that have been given a modern interpretation.

Room 'Let's meet and tell you'

It is a space reminiscent of a house in a Nordic capital of the 19th century but with a current interpretation and very feminine decorative elements. It is inspired by the bohemian, sophisticated and elegant atmosphere of the film The Danish Girl. Also remember the salons of that era designed to talk, where intellectuals, writers and artists met. The IKEA interior design team wanted to recreate an environment that encourages conversation. To compose this atmosphere they have been based on an environment of neutral colors, in which white predominates but contrasted with intense colors like the orange velvet sofa with many cushions.

'Champions' room

A space with a retro and industrial air in which a sports lover lives who likes to collect pieces vintage related to that world that have a little history behind, such as boxing gloves, tennis rackets, a gym trellis or trophies. This room recreates a bohemian loft atmosphere of the urban center of a large metropolis such as Berlin or New York. It could be located in the New York neighborhoods of Brooklyn or Tribeca. The look Industrial is achieved with high Scandinavian design pieces such as leather sofa or leaf-shaped coffee table, and with materials such as wood, textiles, metal, exposed brick walls and polished cement floor.

'With myself' room

An oasis in which to disconnect from the mundane noise of everyday life and connect with yourself. This space is inspired by nature and designed to connect with it, so natural materials such as textiles, cork or bamboo predominate, which convey harmony and balance. A luminous space that transmits peace and relaxation through an enveloping atmosphere. It is a room to dedicate time to oneself through meditation, yoga or mindfulness. In it there are iconic elements such as a swing hanging in one of its corridors that is thought to devote time to do nothing, or a rocking chair in which to get carried away by your rocking without anyone bothering.

Salon 'Start over'

This room represents “a blank page” in the life of a person who leaves a long relationship. The space is focused on the opportunity to define your style from scratch, reflecting your personal taste on that blank sheet. To achieve this effect, the IKEA interior design team has created a neutral environment with a white box that represents this moment of rebirth with a contemporary, minimalist, neutral, pure and clean style. On that white base stand out elements that break that purity like four old portraits with graffiti with current elements such as a piercing or a crest, which also refer to the concept of writing about the past.

'Gamers' room

This room is designed to enjoy entertainment to the fullest. In it there are games for all tastes: from the most classic such as Monopoly, Scrable or Tangles, to the most sophisticated as the latest console models. To represent this world, IKEA's interior design team has been inspired by a classic computer game from the 80s: the Tetris. This game was a success in its time and its code of primary colors has served as inspiration to define the range of colors of the space. It is an icon for being the first computer games that became popular, and with it we wanted to represent the classic and modern games at the same time.

Salon 'Pequesalón'

It is a room designed for the enjoyment of children. It is the perfect place for them to play without limits. It has everything you need to ensure fun: paintings, sequins, puzzles, dinosaurs, treasures, princesses, pirates, astronauts or monsters. All so that they can give free rein to their imagination and creativity, dancing, jumping or painting the room with their favorite colors. It is a space with a very marked Scandinavian style. It is dominated by natural woods and bright colors, such as the intense yellow of the sofas combined with pink or pastel blue. With regard to the structure of the space, it has been played with the idea of ​​the house inside the house, a fantasy that most children love when playing.

'Series marathon'

This room is the perfect place for series lovers. Everything is designed to live each chapter intensely as if they were one of the protagonists. The key to this room is comfort. It is designed to feel like in the front row of the best movie theater. The blue velvet sofas are perfect for hours of comfort on the screen and are arranged in three heights so that all guests have perfect visibility. Its sophisticated style with a 50s Hollywood air is achieved thanks to materials such as velvet that conveys warmth and elegance, and that combines perfectly with solid wood and gold that give space and a touch of sophistication and glamor.