7 Tips to face spring cleaning

7 Tips to face spring cleaning

If housework involves hard work, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

So if time is on you to undertake a thorough cleaning for the change of season, there are some basic ideas that can make the task easier.

We have collected our best tips for a easy spring cleaning:

1. First things first, be realistic. Don't try to attack the whole house in one day, or you'll end up feeling defeated. Try to complete only one room in each session to achieve a pleasant feeling of accomplishment. For example, during a weekend you could approach the living room and a bedroom. Over a month, you will have rid the entire house of disorder and dirt.

2. Prepare before. Gather your cleaning army to undertake the next task or room; In this way, you will not have to go and come to the cabinet under the sink to look for cleaning products or devices. Better yet, organize a trip to the supermarket to buy the basics. Nothing encourages the swing of cleaning as having to go shopping!

The shopping list could be:
- Rubber gloves
- Microfiber cloths
- Multi surface polish
- Multi-surface cleaning spray
- Bleach
- Old toothbrush
- Floor, mop and bucket cleaner

3. Try detergents made by you. Save time choosing the best cleaner using items from your pantry that are not only cheaper but also ecological.

- Vinegar is ideal to eliminate the accumulation of lime in taps (not gold-plated) and shower screens. You can also use it to clean windows.
- Scrub paste made with baking soda and water (50%) is ideal for removing stains from countertops, sinks, kitchens, oven doors and pans.
- Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent. Use it to remove stains from the chopping boards by rubbing with fresh lemon and leave it overnight. It is also effective in removing rust stains.

4. Collect all the mess in the room before you start cleaning. Keep garbage containers on hand so you can order the things you want to store, store, sell, give away or throw away. Without mercy!

5. Start on the roof. If you have already chosen the room with which you are going to go, start with the upper areas, since the dust tends to fall - clean the mantelpiece before the mirror will simply leave the dust again on the already clean surface - . Remember this order: dust, vacuum, scrub floors.

6. Prevention is key to facilitate work next time.
Try these tips:

- Place an empty baking sheet on the lower shelf of the oven to trap dirt from the walls while cleaning the oven inside.
- Place old newspaper sheets at the bottom of the garbage cans to absorb liquids and prevent them from leaking into the container.
- Spray shower surfaces after each use to avoid the accumulation of lime. Make your own solution using an empty spray bottle, and adding equally distilled water and white vinegar.

7. Get more out of appliances. Clean the extractor hood filters or refrigerator shelves in the dishwasher, you will spend less time scrubbing. And use all the options provided by your vacuum, such as the corner mouth or upholstery.

Via: Good Housekeeping UK