10 Japanese-style bathrooms to immerse yourself in Zen

10 Japanese-style bathrooms to immerse yourself in Zen


Japanese decoration is gaining more and more followers, having even merged with the Nordic style. But what is the secret of its success? Basically, the simplicity and naturalness of the spaces: unpainted wood, minimalism, functional decoration ... Something you can appreciate in these dream bathrooms!

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With shower and bath, although yes, often size! Who wouldn't want a bathroom like that at home?

Pinterest: Patricia Monteiro Perini

Open space

There is nothing more natural than a bathroom with access to the garden ... Awesome!

Pinterest: Nico van der Meulen Architects


Once again, the wooden panels and the seedlings get that oriental air so seductive. How about?

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Intense black

If you want to generate a beautiful contrast in your bathroom, the natural wood combined with the black color is beautiful.

Pinterest: Carmen Pérez Reina


Dim lighting blends with natural light creating an intimate and cozy space. Doesn't it look like a spa?

Pinterest: Sylvia


If you are looking for a bathroom that always looks like new, take note of this example of sophisticated minimalism with polished lines.

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To circles

The wooden shower circles add a touch of grace to this bathroom full of natural light. You like?

Pinterest: María Toledan


The granite floor and lighting give it a very air chicdon't you think

Pinterest: Paloma Maestro

An oriental touch

Japanese wood panels are ideal to achieve the style you are looking for without complicating life much.

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Between plants

The plants are a must of Japanese decoration, and they are perfect next to materials as natural as wood!

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