The before and after a low cost renovated attic

The before and after a low cost renovated attic

Courtesy Cambra Estudio

An attic built in 1951, outdated in distribution and materials. This is the starting point of the Valencian study Cambra Estudio. In his hands was the total transformation of this house, with several terraces in disuse. A more functional and spacious distribution, open in the case of the living room and kitchen; Simple furniture and careful materials and shades create a harmonious and fresh result. The terraces are recovered as a point of enjoyment and connection of environments and the attic is filled with light through the windows.

Seeing the photos before the reform, included in this gallery, nobody would say that it is the same construction, but it is. It is the magic of interior design.

Photos courtesy: Cambra Estudio

Advertising - Keep reading below An attic with two terraces

The terraces recover, fill the interior of the attic with light and connect environments. Cambra Estudio has managed to recover the splendor of this apartment with a comprehensive concept reform low cost since the budget to face the changes was small. It's possible! And this gallery is the proof that with an idea low cost You can do a great job.

The dining room connects directly with the terrace. The table is made of wood and the chairs are the Eames model in gray with wooden legs. A black lacquered metal lamp hangs from the ceiling.

On the terrace, outdoor furniture and plants. The floor of this environment is the original of the recovered house.

Living and dining area with open kitchen

The living area and dining room are just entering the house, decorated with few pieces and furniture in light tones. The walls are painted in white and the wood of the floor looks a light shade little saturated.

The dining room connects with the kitchen and the terrace.

In direct connection

The kitchen opens to the living room and connects directly with the dining room.

In & out pieces

Some piece of outdoor furniture sneaks inside.

Kitchen with breakfast bar

The kitchen has a mini breakfast bar and fast food.

The kitchen furniture is white lacquered wood with Silestone countertop. The bar is of the same material as the countertop and the stools combine pine wood and white seat.

In this area of ​​the house the tile is imitation hydraulic. The walls are tiled with type pieces meter in white to medium height.

Cooking zone

Cooking front with decorative hood. On this side of the kitchen, tall furniture has been dispensed with to make it visually light.

The hall

In the hall, which connects directly to the living room, a natural wood shelf and a mirror.

With large storage capacity

In the hall, rectangular, the light is filtered from the living room. The total white enhances the luminosity in a space without windows. A built-in closet across the front offers large storage capacity. The white lacquered doors integrate it completely into the wall.

The main room

The two bedrooms connect to one of the two terraces and have direct access.

The master bedroom also has a dressing room. This is furnished with a closet and a work table.

It is decorated in blue and pink. The ceiling lamp is made of bamboo grid. The floor is wooden floor and the walls are painted in white.

With dressing room and integrated bathroom

Here, on the right you can see the chest of drawers with wooden mirror and marble restored in blue tones for this room. The wooden headboard stands out in the set with Navajo drawings.

Working corner in the dressing room

Work table detail with polypropylene dressing chair.

From inside

View from inside the bedroom to the day area.

Irregular floor bathroom

The bathroom in the main room has an irregularly shaped floor. Cambra Estudio sought a hydraulic imitation tile with triangles of different colors whose motif is coupled to the 45 degrees that form the sloping walls of the bathroom.

Wooden furniture and accessories

In this bathroom the furniture and accessories have been chosen in wood in natural tones. On the wall, tile type meter in white.

Bedroom in blue

This room was decorated in blue, with pieces of wood and some recovered, such as the closet and the mirror that decorates the wall of the headboard.

The white lamp with red cable updates the set.

With reclaimed furniture

The closet was restored. The floor is made of laminated wood and the walls were painted in medium blue with intensity.

Very modern aesthetic bathroom

In the bathroom, a flowered washbasin cabinet and finished in white and gloss gray. The round wooden mirror contrasts warmly in the whole. ris shine. Round wooden mirror.

With a large shower

The floor and wall of the shower area are tiled with dark tile.

Before the reform: the kitchen Before the reform The bathroom before the reform Before the reform Distribution plan after the reform

This attic has, after the integral reform, with a fluid and logical distribution with a hall, a living room, the kitchen open to the latter space and two bedrooms, one of them with dressing room and bathroom. In addition, two terraces and a courtesy bathroom.

Distribution plan before the reform