Would you decorate your kitchen with terrazzo?

Would you decorate your kitchen with terrazzo?

The terrazzo has returned and we accept it with pleasure. It is a resistant, economical material, and it is beautiful in walls and floors! You just have to choose the combination of tones that best fits your kitchen, and decorate!

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Greens, oranges, mustard ... An impressive terrazzo countertop that stands out even more thanks to the turquoise green lacquered doors.

Pinterest: Summer H. Macy

All or nothing

Ceiling and floor, all with terrazzo of warm tones. Right or wrong?

Pinterest: Cami

On the island

The ideal way to give prominence to the island is ... with terrazzo! Above all, if the rest of the kitchen is decorated in neutral tones.

Pinterest: Victor José


Pastel kitchens are trending, but ... what if you combine it with a terrazzo wall?

Pinterest: María Castillo

To the last

The terrazzo floor of this kitchen is undoubtedly the star piece.

Pinterest: Dreaming of Dogs


With nude tones and gold sconces for a very feminine kitchen.

Pinterest: Rafaela González-Careaga


If you want to give it a rustic dot and chic to the kitchen of your country house, a terrazzo floor will look great.

Pinterest: The Room

Pop art

A kitchen where geometry, colors and terrazzo, complement each other very, very well.

Pinterest: Noha


The naturalness of the white and the light that enters from the outside is great with the terrazzo floor, don't you think?

Pinterest: María S. Torregrosa


What do you think about the mixture of powdered pink with terrazzo?

Pinterest: Nordic Treats