A rose bathroom

A rose bathroom

Present, comfortable and with a strong feminine spirit this bathroom after remodeling which was carried out by the architect Javier Echenique. The space was not inconvenient thanks to the renovation of the toilets and its new distribution. Today the environment has a shower plate, instead of a bathtub, lightened by a fixed glass screen; the sinks, meanwhile, were reduced to a single breast with prolongation of the countertop blown by both ends. We love the choice of coatings, slate-colored stoneware for the floor and wall socket, and pink plastic paint to the roof. Very chic

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Architectural resources and visual games foster the feeling of spaciousness. An example to be inspired was the projection created on the wall of the sink on which a somewhat larger fixed mirror was placed. An idea that allows you to locate a hidden ambient light and accommodate another with a low ceiling over the sink.

Bathroom in pink and gray

The look Domino of the basin captures the attention for its beauty and functionality. The alternation of Macael marble and polished slate responds to both practical and aesthetic needs with excellent results. A fantastic combination according to the striped stoneware of the wall, by Saloni. Basin and tap, Roca.

Perceiving space as a light and clear environment is essential if we want to feel comfortable in the bathroom. For this reason, here we opted for a flown countertop as well as the absence of a closed closet at the bottom. Instead, a bank with two shelves acts as a warehouse place without being overwhelming.

Shower area

Also with the reform the traditional one was replaced
tube radiator by a heated wall towel rail. A wise choice that guarantees an always pleasant temperature in the bathroom and warm towels when leaving the shower.

The optical games that are achieved with certain resources encourage visual amplitude in the smallest spaces. Here, for example, the choice of white around the window enhances the luminosity; on the other hand, the continuity of the charcoal gray of the pavement until medium height brings depth to the space and rich nuances between lights and shadows.

Iroco shower

The new shower occupies the entire space of the old bathtub. Thus it was possible to have a non-slip surface drying platform. An iroco wood board offers a soft and safe touch when stepping barefoot, while the wall is tiled in two tones to the ceiling as protection against splashes. Roca shower tray. Azulejos, from Saloni.

Taps of purified lines

Mixer tap Drako, from the firm Ramon Soler (€ 75 approx.).

Striped towels

As a touch of color, towels are an excellent resource. From Zara Home (from € 2.50 each).

A complete bathroom set

Set of bathroom accessories, from House Doctor (from € 9.90 each).