New look for an upholstered stool

New look for an upholstered stool

In this step by step we will see how to transform a conventional stool into a new and unique piece for your home. With this touch do it yourself will never be the same.

What is there to do? Decorate a plain fabric with Roller Collection and paint Authentic Chalk Paint. Then paint the legs and upholster the seat.

We tell you the process step by step.

It is a proposal of Crea Decora Recycle with Roller Collection.

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As a side table or as a stool. This upholstered bench has completely changed its image. Cheer up with this craft and transform a piece that you no longer like. It involves painting the legs or structure and creating a very special fabric with which to upholster the seat.

Let's see the step by step!


To carry out this craft, you need:

- an old stool

- Roller Collection Roller

- Authentic Chalk Paint

- cloth

- transparent Chalk Paint wax

- upholstery stapler

In detail

Detail of the roller used to stamp the fabric in this craft. Roller Collection rollers are marketed in different motifs that create warm prints.

You can change the appearance of walls, furniture or fabrics, easily.

Paint the legs

With Authentic Chalk Paint and a brush, paint the legs of the stool. Unless the original paint or varnish is in very bad condition, it is not necessary to apply any base. It is enough to apply the paint.

Two layers

If necessary, apply a second coat of paint when the first one is practically dry.

It is always preferable to apply the paint with the brush well drained, without excess paint, and apply two coats to paint with too much product.

Wax to top

Give the legs a final finish with transparent wax in this case (when the paint is well dried). Apply a layer of wax with the help of a cotton cloth (as a doll) and let dry.

Structure to print the fabric

Look for a smooth surface to place the fabric. Fix it if you can with double-sided tape to make your job easier.

Here, a piece of DM wood has been used and the fabric has been fixed to stamp it comfortably with the roller.

Stretched fabric

The most important thing for the perfect finish is that the fabric is very smooth. Iron it beforehand if necessary.

Paint the fabric with roller

Prepare the paint and roller near the fabric. Here are the instructions for use of the roller.

By the end

Paint with an order, tried to apply the same pressure on each pass. With security and without fear, start at one end and move forward.

By columns

The process is to paint by columns or stripes.

Let dry

When all the fabric is covered, let the paint dry thoroughly before removing it from the structure.

Pose the fabric

Pose the fabric on the bench seat or stool. If you can remove the padded part better, the work will be easier. If not, upholster the bench, raise the fabric and turn around to staple the fabric.

Upholstery Stapler

You will need an upholstery stapler to fix the fabric to the seat at the bottom. It is important that the fabric is taut.


This will be the seat once upholstered. Fold the corners with care so that the four remain the same and the colorful fold.