The 10 most exclusive souvenirs of Harry and Meghan's royal wedding

The 10 most exclusive souvenirs of Harry and Meghan's royal wedding

The royal wedding is approaching and the emotion grows.

There are those who are preparing watching movies with wedding themes, others will be preparing a party at home for the wedding day and, of course, there are the classics souvenirs officers who have launched themselves with photos and figures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

But some manufacturers and vendors have gone further ... If you can't see the royal wedding with socks, condoms or your pet dressed for the occasion, then what is the point?

Check out this carefully selected list with the most curious pieces as real memories of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Advertising - Keep reading below Dolls

The one with the best comments… If you like dolls and you have something more than a € 100 budget, why not?

For sale on Etsy.

Photo: History Wearz / Etsy


They look like cheerios, but apparently these real roasted multigrain rings are "wedding rings."

For sale on Etsy.

Photo: Political Cereals / Etsy

Real condoms

Who has said that safe sex should be excluded from 'real' holidays?

When the box is opened, an 'exclusive musical arrangement' of God Save The Queen and the national anthem of the United States The Star Spangled Banner.

Photo: Crown Jewels Condoms

Memories for your dog

Do not underestimate your dog. He or she will surely be very aware of the general mood of 'real' euphoria.
(Find more articles about the wedding at Teddy Maximus).

Photo: Teddy Maximus


Do you remember how happy Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looked when they announced their engagement in December? How cute! Now you can look at your feet and remember the moment.
For sale on Etsy.

Photo: Etsy / NotEnron


It is not as obvious as wearing a shirt or a mask, so if you fancy something more subtle, wear their faces hanging from the ears.
For sale on Etsy.

Photo: Witty Chicken / Etsy


So you will dream about them too ...

For sale on Etsy.

Photo: WotAPrint / Etsy

Life size silhouettes

Only accepted if you are partying. We cannot predict the reaction that will generate in the future by having them in the corner of your room.

For sale at Party Packs.

Photo: Party packs

Hair tie

It is possible that you can only get away with it if you are eight years old or younger, but don't let that stop you.

For sale on Etsy.

Photo: VPBowtiquex / Etsy

Wooden spoons

To make a cake Queen Victoria or a chicken Coronation, maybe?

For sale on Etsy.

Photo: SquirrelPigeonFish / Etsy

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