You know what Eco Deco is about: Take out your creative side and decorate your home with personal DIY ideas

You know what Eco Deco is about: Take out your creative side and decorate your home with personal DIY ideas

Take good note of these DIY ideas respectful of the planet and tips for a more sustainable home. Garden in the kitchen, become a hanger with a branch or ride a green corner at home.

Mini aromatic orchards ... in bags!

Parsley, basil, rosemary, strawberries ... You can grow them in small jute bags in your kitchen! Yes, yes, in a minimal and vertical space.

Leroy Merlin mini garden.

They are mini-sized urban gardens offered by Leroy Merlin. A support has several compartments and hangs on the wall, near a window, so that the plants receive the necessary light. Jute fiber bags are fully breathable and allow your vegetables to be well aerated and with sufficient drainage. The practical aspect joins that, in addition, they are very decorative, being able to be reused to plant different crops when the appropriate date. You also have another type of vertical gardens to install on the walls by self-supporting and self-draining polypropylene modules High weather resistance. The pieces are coupled together to create your space depending on the available surface or expand over time.

Light, smell and color on the terrace

Candles from Cerabella.

Nothing is easier than creating a decorative and aromatic pond on your terrace with floating candles Y Cut flowers Choose daisies or varieties that are more or less wide, for example, chrysanthemums, so that they are face up in the water when you cut the stem. Fill a bowl. It can be a old zinc cube, a porcelain pot, a ceramic bowl ... Make a composition with flowers of different colors and candles. This simple ornament will refresh your home and put a feng shui touch on it. Beautiful!

Coat rack rustic

Idea of ​​the Bosch firm.

A branch It can become an original system for hanging clothes. Aim. Clean the knots well you can have and soften them with sandpaper. Dispose threaded females at regular distances, to hang the hangers on them. You can insert them by screwing, or if you prefer, drill the hole.

Campero touch: green dresser, paper, plants ...

painted paper The Allotment, from

You have plenty of resources at your fingertips to give your house a Provencal air. If you have an antique piece of furniture, make a fake aged with paint to chalk. You can apply it on the original finish. A turquoise green is luxurious. Before it dries completely, run a fine sandpaper along the edges and edges. Complete the deco with botanical wallpaper and green plants.