The dream house of @mamiandchic

The dream house of @mamiandchic

Patricia Gómez is the face behind the Instagram account @mamiandchic, a space where, every day, he shares with his thousands of followers corners of your own house: Current, serene, comfortable and bright interiors inspired by the Scandinavian style.

Advertising - Continue reading below Glazed enclosure

A glazed enclosure with sliding doors communicates the interior of the house with the garden, which was proposed as an extension of the living room.

Sofa, armchairs Stockholm, of rotate, and poufs Alseda, of banana fiber; Everything from Ikea. Coffee tables, El Corte Inglés and auxiliary, by Maisons du Monde. Washable cotton rug, from Lorena Canals.

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Picture shelf

If you are not sure how to place pictures and photographs to create a harmonic composition, place them on a shelf. So you can vary the set at your leisure until you find the combination that you like and insert them with decorative objects.

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Take advantage of your walks in the countryside to collect wild flowers and branches with which to create simple, but very decorative arrangements. Combine vases of different heights, in harmonious colors. Vases, from Zara Home.


In and out

Patricia's house breathes a Nordic air, very calm and calm: logs, natural fibers such as wicker or rattan, wooden furniture, and green plants that add that contact with nature so typical of Scandinavian style.

In & out

Remove the furniture from the living room to any corner of the garden to revitalize it with the arrival of summer. In addition, by coordinating the decoration of the exterior with that of the interior of the house, a visual extension of both spaces will be created. In the garden: sofa, armchairs and tables, by Ikea; baskets, by Maisons du Monde and cushions, by Zara Home.


In the hall: Bank, Westwing and carpet, House Doctor.


Closed ... but open

The dining room was located in the area of ​​the living room next to the kitchen, which became independent with sliding doors so as not to give up the idea of ​​open space. Attached to the wall, a piece of furniture with drawers was placed, which Pedro, Patricia's husband, customized with white paint, since its original color was gray.

Sideboard, by A Loja do Gato Preto. Mirror, by Sostrene Grene. Baskets, by Maisons du Monde.

Wood and white

The combination of wood and white marks the decoration of the dining room, where the table was accompanied by chairs of two different Scandinavian designs. Then, to enrich the environment, blue brush strokes, plants and floral arrangements were added.

Mesa, acquired at El Corte Inglés. Chairs with arms, from SuperStudio, and with backs of bars, from the firm Maisons du Monde. The sideboard and ceiling lamps are from Ikea.

At the house of… @MAMIANDCHIC

Charming, elegant and very feminine. This is Patricia, who created her Instagram account a little over a year ago: @mamiandchic. Under this name, which combines the love for her two children, India and Romeo, and the passion she feels for decoration, Patricia shares with her followers corners of her house, decorated and photographed by herself.

Undoubtedly, environments and details that inspire anyone: from that wonderful living room overlooking the garden to the children's room, going through their last purchases for the house or the creations of Pedro, her husband, a DIY expert at the time of designing shelves -the hall model is yours-
and customize furniture.

Table runner

To enhance a composition of vases, group them on a tray or, as was done in this case, place them on a table runner of a color that contrasts with that of the containers.

On three fronts

The elongated kitchen floor allowed the creation of a peninsula that closes the U-shaped work area and separates it from the dining table. In the background, a column composition houses the integrated two-door refrigerator, ovens and cabinets to the ceiling, one of them with a shutter door.

Kitchen, Polished Furniture. Appliances, from Balay.


Family eating together ...

If you also value those moments of the day that you share with yours around the table, study a distribution of the kitchen that allows you to reserve a privileged corner to mount a dining area where you feel comfortable.

Painted paper

The wall of the office was covered with a wallpaper in light blue and with delicate motifs inspired by nature that, in addition to enhancing the decoration, helps to visually delimit this area of ​​the kitchen.

Wallpaper, by Laura Ashley. Table and chairs, from Amazon. Ceiling lamp, by Bauhaus.

Reserve it for those areas less exposed to water or stains. For the work front, choose easily cleaned papers. The denser and stronger the coating, the more resistant to dirt it will be and the greater the washing capacity it will have.

Each roll of wallpaper comes with a label with information on its classification according to its washing capacity -identifiable by a variety of symbols with wavy lines-, as well as its resistance to light and its mode of application.

Use paper towels to clean the stain as soon as possible. Then, with a sponge or cloth dampened in warm water and mild soap, clean the area repeatedly with soft touches. Never rub and avoid dirt drafts.


To prevent the kitchen from looking very ornate, high modules were dispensed with at the work front and only two identical flying cabinets were installed flanking the hood.

Female territory

Following the Scandinavian spirit that marks the decoration of the whole house, the girl's room was decorated with light wood furniture, white and pink stick. The bed wall was covered with a wallpaper with rhombuses.

Bed, bedside table and ceiling lamp, from Ikea. Carpet by Zara Home. Wallpaper and little houses,
from Monocolor Kids.

And the child's room: A NORDIC BEDROOM & CHIC

Ethnic inspiration

In the master bedroom, the headboard is the most important piece and defines the style of decoration. It is a high design of carved wood, from India, which brings a romantic and exotic air to the environment.

On the bench, from Westwing, folded plaids, from Munay. Cushions and blanket, from Makiwuan Ruana. Bedside tables, from Ikea.

DIY idea

Dare to turn any furniture in your home into a unique design: combine wood in two different finishes and replace the original handles with others that you like more.

Wood finish

The main bathroom includes a large walk-in shower enclosed with a transparent glass screen. The interior was covered with white textured tiles, which contrast with the rustic wood finish of the rest of the space.

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Washbasin and shower cabinet

Washbasin cabinet, Polished Furniture. Hand washers, mirrors and shower, by Leroy Merlin. Azulejos, by Marazzi.

Housing plan Infographic

Enthusiastic of everything that has to do with the Nordic design, the snapshots of Patricia Gómez's house give a good example of this. Located in a town on the outskirts of Madrid, it is a dream that, little by little, has come true, because she and Pedro, her husband, always wanted a large house, on one floor, with a great garden where their children They could run around and they meet friends and family.

After living a few years in a rental apartment and with one more member in the family, little Romeo, Patricia and Pedro resumed the search for that house they had always imagined, but the finding was better. “The family was growing and we needed a bigger house. So, when the opportunity arose to buy land and make it to measure, we launched ourselves, ”Patricia tells us. The couple designed the home they wanted, a home for them and their two children, because India was on its way. Thus, they drew a large living room and a large kitchen, communicated through a sliding door, and both connected to the outside thanks to large windows.

The rest of the house was dedicated to the bedrooms: the main one, with integrated dressing room and bathroom, and the rooms of India and Romero, with a bathroom located between them. "We decided absolutely everything, including the coverings" says Patricia, who obviously took care of the decoration, choosing with care from the furniture and accessories to the smallest detail for achieve the look Nordic that he likes so much and where Pedro's touch is not lacking either, with pieces made customized by himself. It is the house they dreamed of!

Realization: Pilar Perea. Assistant: P. Balboa. Photos: Patricia Gallego. Plane: Infographic