How are you doing with your sofa?

How are you doing with your sofa?


There are relationships that are forever, but there are others that are destined to break ... Although when it comes to decoration the dislike is easy to overcome, especially if you have to choose a new sofa! And is that in IKEA you will find models for all tastes (and pockets). What, you don't believe it? Well, join us for a look.

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Every family is different, but every day always leaves a mark on the furniture at home, especially on the sofa ... That's why, if you think it's time to say goodbye to your old battle partner, we introduce you to NORSBORG, a sofa that will adapt to your needs, since it is available in various sizes and colors. But in addition, the cover is removable and machine washable, and as the interior is soft thanks to its high resilience foam padding, you will feel in glory! € 349

Your most chic space IKEA

If every time you organize a dinner at home you have to cover the sofa with 800 blankets, yes, the time has come to change it. Because with the SÖDERHAMN model you will not only win a lot of seats for your friends to relax, but thanks to its wide range of colors you can choose the one that best matches the decoration. Come on, who will become the protagonist of the hall. € 999

Home theater IKEA

There is no better plan for a rainy day than to sit quietly on the small sofa watching your favorite movies. But if the sofa is uncomfortable, we start badly ... Something that won't happen if you choose the FÄRLÖV model, with pocket springs that adapt to the shape of your body and rounded armrests perfect for snuggling. € 649

A new reading concept IKEA

If you are one of those who take a book and do not stop until they reach the end, you need a comfortable chair to read, don't you think? And if you have an old sofa, your body will suffer the consequences, so think no more, and take a look at the STRANDMON model with a high back, your neck will thank you! € 249

Multifunction IKEA

Do your friends no longer want to sleep? It may be because they don't make good crumbs with the sofa, so… Why don't you invest in a sofa bed in conditions like the FRIHETEN model? In this way you will have a sofa with chaise longue and internal storage space, and a very easy bed to assemble in less than a rooster sings. € 399

The paradise of the lazy IKEA

If you were looking for a sofa where (yes) you can take a nap like an angel, KIVIK is your model. And is that having the armrests so low and being made with viscoelastic foam, you will want the little dream to be eternal! € 499

To your liking IKEA

Are you one of those who love to personalize every piece of furniture they buy? Well, VIMLE has your name written, because you can choose the number of seats, the design and the functions of the sofa according to your tastes and needs. Come on, you can release the sofa whenever you want. € 559

In family IKEA

If new members have arrived in the family (congratulations) and the sofa has become too small for you, here is your lifeguard. The STOCKHOLM 2017 model will conquer you with its wide cushions, its high elastic foam padding and its very soft velvet cover resistant to chafing. € 1499