A complete home in just 38m2

A complete home in just 38m2

"The limitations open the door to extraordinary ideas." This phrase is pronounced by the interior designer Elena Fateeva when asked about the home she created for a single man in a Kiev mini-flat. Although it may be somewhat pretentious, seeing the results seems more than justified. Not only was it able to fit (comfortably) kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, study area, bathroom, entrance and bedroom in 38 square meters, but the spaces were visually expanded by dividing the floor into two parts.

On the one hand, we find a large block of turquoise wooden furniture that serves the entrance, dressing room and kitchen. On the other, white and light spaces, with partitions that do not seem to reach the ceiling by having installed windows in the upper part, allowing the light to run freely, exerting its power to expand the existing square meters. The vertical mirrors that Elena placed in the dining room and that serve as transit between the two areas of this habitat also contribute to this play.

Photos: Andrey Avdeenko

Advertising - Keep reading below The challenge

The interior designer Elena Fateeva accepted the challenge of fitting a habitat in which a single man lived comfortably in 38 square meters.

Defined spaces

To expand the interior, the interior designer decided to clearly define two well-defined spaces. A green one with a large block of furniture that serves the kitchen, the entrance and the dressing room. The other, near the windows, white and light.

Green hope

Elena Fateeva says she used the color green to bring character to the space, something essential in small floors.

At your service

On the wall next to the kitchen it continued with the color green, thus delimiting the dining area.

Open minded

The kitchen is fully open to the rest of the floor and the dining room serves as a transition between spaces.

Scope of view

The dining room wall was used to place storage furniture, a magazine rack and two vertical mirrors, which extend the spaces.


From the first moment the interior designer set out to create a space full of functionality and clarity.

Shared space

View of the kitchen and dining room from the living room.

Interior windows

Windows have been placed on top of the partitions of the box containing the bedroom to let the light pass.

Question of character

Elena Fateeva believes that a small flat does not have to be only white and minimalist. On the contrary, the color and the pieces with character give it personality and expand the spaces.

Comfort zone

Next to the dining room we find the living room.


The spaces flow from each other and the interior was lightly managed.

Applied Girl

Taking advantage of a passage area, the interior designer created a small studio.

Swell elbows

View of the study area.

Work and rest

The interior window that connects the studio visually with the bedroom

Visual rest

The minimalist style predominates in the bedroom.

Personal touch

The owner's posters give the personal touch to the space.

Great capacity

The interior designer placed a storage area at the foot of the bed, which in turn serves as a dividing wall with the living room.


Both the bed base and the headboard are minimal.


It was not wanted to install a large closet for clothes inside the bedroom so as not to recharge the space.

Overhead light

On the bedside tables, black wall sconces provide the necessary light without taking up space on the surface.

Dressing room

Interior designer Elena Fateeva believes that, in small spaces, it is better to allocate a small corner to install a dressing room and free the bedroom to visually expand the space.


Next to the entrance is the bathroom.


In the bathroom, the interior designer turned to mirrors: "they are a simple and very useful tool to visually expand a space, making it more interesting and different," he explains.


Despite a few meters from the floor, the bathroom has very good dimensions.