General cleaning: Fifteen key points to tune the house

General cleaning: Fifteen key points to tune the house

Have you already prepared your house for spring?
With the new air that spring brings, it is also time to make some changes to the house, such as cabinets and bedding. Surely you want to decorate the house with seasonal flowers and cheerful and fresh cushions ... But it is also necessary to undertake a general cleaning, less palatable, but just as necessary for the house to look beautiful in spring. We start with the tips for a perfect set-up?

GENERAL CLEANING… What a change!

1. A clean house offers an impeccable appearance. If you are lazy about the general cleaning of the house, think that you and your family are the ones who will enjoy the result the most. It is time for everyone to collaborate, also children, if they are not very small.

2. The first step is to organize to avoid wasting time. Check what cleaning products you will need and do not have. And buy them. If they are too many and it is a lot of expense at this time for you, use natural products such as vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon; Search the internet for cleaning tricks with them. Take the opportunity to see if the rags, mops, cloths, brushes, brooms, gloves, vacuum bag ... that you have been using are ready to throw and buy new ones. To reduce trips to the kitchen looking for the cleaning product you need and have forgotten, take all you need from the beginning to the room you are going to clean; you can use for example, a large basin or a bucket to transport them.

3. Make a detailed list of all tasks, room by room and cross them out, as you do them. Important: set a period of time to do them, but that is reasonable and realistic. Keep in mind that areas that are not cleaned daily or often are the ones that will be dirtiest, so add extra time for those areas.

4. Get rid of junk and unused items. Surely there are all kinds of things, and in all rooms of the house, that you no longer use. Separate what can be useful for others and donate it. This trick works: put three large boxes in the room that you want to clean. One will be for you to leave things to throw; another to store things that are badly placed and you have to put in another place and the third, for everything you want to donate.

5. Clean room by room. The experts say it. And always from top to bottom, from ceiling, walls and furniture to floor, and thus you will save time. Cobwebs on the ceiling, dust on the lampshades inside and out, bulbs, recessed spotlights, fans and even more dust in the bookstores. Not forgetting baseboards, skirting boards, corners and some corners of difficult access, such as the heights of the cabinets, behind the radiators and under the beds. For those difficult corners of the floor, when the vacuum does not arrive, use a small brush that raises the dust and then, vacuum it. Remember to clean the switches and plugs. They cannot be wet, but with a drained damp cloth they will be shiny. It is also important to clean the curtain rods. It is advisable to lift the pictures and clean them, as well as the wall where they are hung.

6. Stains you did not know ... If in full set-up, you discover spots and do not know how to remove them do not worry! There are websites with many cleaning tricks that will be very useful. Among other, Margarita's tricks www.proximaati.com, But there are many more.

7. Kitchens. Essential, empty cabinets, clean them with a damp cloth and grease product, rinse and let dry; also the doors and handles. Make a deep cleaning of walls, floors and appliances.

8. Bathrooms. It is a space that is cleaned daily, therefore, its spring cleaning will focus on deep cleaning difficult walls and corners. If you consider it, it includes cleaning of taps, toilets and screens in depth. As in the kitchen, empty your furniture and shelves, clean with a damp cloth and let dry. Take the opportunity to check what preserves they may have expired. It is recommended to wash the utensils and utensils of little use before storing it again.

9. Windows. Inside and outside. It is advisable to start with the carpentry, the blinds and the bars, and leave the windows for the end. In sliding windows and windows, thoroughly clean the dirt accumulated on the lower and upper rails.

10. Doors. The main and passing. Start by removing the dust and wiping a damp cloth and then dry with a clean, dry one so there are no marks left. Run a cloth over the sheet and vacuum well under it because lint is usually accumulated.

11. Sofas and upholstered furniture. Remove dust, hair and dirt with the vacuum cleaner. Easier and faster, if you use the special accessory for vacuum upholstery. Insist on the armrests and the back of sofas, armchairs, chairs ... If there is any upholstered headboard at home, remember to also vacuum.

12. Air conditioning. Cleaning filters and grilles.

13. Plants: Remove the dust that usually accumulates on the leaves and clean them with a soft cloth dampened with water.

14. Bookstores. Touch to empty them and then clean them thoroughly. Remove dust from books and accessories and before replacing them, wait for the library to dry. Take the opportunity to classify books differently, if the current order does not convince.

15. Mattresses and pillows. Vacuum both sides of the mattress and flip it. Wash the down pillows in a cold and short and hotter program, without being synthetic. In no case, centrifuges. Do it on a sunny day because the ideal is to air dry.

16. Change of clothes. Take advantage of changing clothes to thoroughly clean the closets. Whether they are made of wood or lacquered, a cloth drained with neutral soap passes through its walls, clears and dries. Ideally, leave them open a few minutes so that any remaining moisture disappears. If you also place lavender bags, its aroma will scare away insects and the closet will be scented. Winter shoes will be well preserved if you clean them and put papers inside so they do not deform.

17. Textiles: Remove winter carpets, comforters and blankets. In order for the Nordic fillings to bulge less, roll them out of the air and put them in a cloth bag. Put halftime bedspreads and sheets. Vacuum the curtains and machine wash the ones that can be machine washed. Place them still wet so they dry out stretched, without wrinkles.