How do vegetarians really differ from vegans?

How do vegetarians really differ from vegans?


Vegetarian and vegan diets are increasing. In fact, according to a recent study, the number of vegans in the United States increased from 1% in 2014 to 6% in 2017: They are more than one million lovers of freshly committed vegetables! People become vegetarian or vegan for many reasons: environmental, political, ethical and nutritional.

If you are considering saying goodbye to animal products, check the frequently asked questions below to see how a vegetarian or vegan diet might fit into your life.

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 What types of protein can I eat?

If you are vegetarian @ ... no beef, pork, chicken or fish (unless you're a pescetarian @, which is vegetarian and eats fish).

If you are vegan @ ... You can't eat any of the above, nor eggs.

What to eat: There are many options. Many plant-based foods are complete proteins, while others function as duos to become complete proteins. Quinoa, soybeans (such as tofu and tempeh) and buckwheat offer complete portions of protein. In addition there are classic combinations, such as whole wheat pita with hummus, beans with rice, or wheat bread with nut butter that also form complete proteins.

Check out these vegetarian recipes.

2 Dairy products are prohibited?

If you are vegetarian @ ... Milk is allowed! (Deep sigh of relief for cheese lovers)

If you are vegan @ ... Dairy products of animal origin are totally prohibited. No milk, butter, cheese or yogurt.

What to eat: Today, there is a vegan version of almost everything, and as long as you have an herbalist or organic store at hand, you can replace any whim of dairy products you have. (For your information, we are HUGE fans of these vegan cookies).

3 Are all fruits and vegetables allowed?

Vegetarians and vegans ... There are no restrictions here!

What to eat: Fruits and vegetables are an excellent way to enrich any diet. They have a high content of nutrients and fiber, and even become great meat substitutes. You do not believe me? Try this fried cauliflower chicken, it will change your life.

4 And if we talk about desserts? Chelsea Lupkin

If you are vegetarian @ ... The dessert is simple. Almost any dessert is allowed.

If you are vegan @ ... it's a little harder because butter and eggs are no gos

What to eat: Do not be afraid! There are many dairy-free options (such as these AMAZING donuts) or chocolate covered fruit. But make sure you use vegan chocolate.

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