Hotel Palacio de Rubianes

Hotel Palacio de Rubianes

Personal and cared for; This has been the restoration of Rubianes Palace, an old Asturian palace -located in the skirt of the Sueve massif- turned into a cozy hotel. The architect Fernando Castellón Campuzano designed and decorated each of the rooms in a unique and personal way, respecting the original elements and materials but with all the comforts. In the decoration predominate oak wood flooring and the soft tones that invite relaxation. In addition to the comfortable lounges and terraces from which to enjoy the views of the Picos de Europa, This hotel has a chapel and an old mill restored.

The chapel has been conditioned as a multipurpose room and it is connected to the hotel by a stone bridge with an Asturian flavor. The mill will house a spa to continue taking advantage of the water of the Sueve, as in the past time the peasants did. The hotel also offers an extensive range of activities.

Address: PI-11 road, km 4.5. Rubianes, Cereceda (Principality of Asturias).

Tels .: 985 707 612/685.


Rooms: 23 of which twelve are special, one double with lounge and 1 junior suite and nine doubles. Breakfast and VAT are included. In addition, it has a double room for people with reduced mobility and canine nursery.

Advertising - Read on below The luminosity, along with the careful decoration, are some of the assets of this hotel.

Its charm also lies in the respect of the elements of the original architecture, such as the characteristic windows of the Asturian noble buildings of the 16th century that, thanks to the depth of the walls, incorporated stone seats.

To create harmonic environments,

The current called New Nature Style, based on the use of soft and natural tones, and warm materials, was taken as the conductive thread of the decoration.

Restored pieces abound,

inheritance of the family that owns the palace. These are completed with others, from various stores, and with custom designs.

Before being a palace,

This Asturian rustic mansion was intended for agriculture and livestock. Today, converted into a hotel, it is surrounded by a golf course and a hunting ground.

To taste a nice breakfast,

nothing better than to do it in the middle of a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural light in a calm environment, in which the stone wall, the details in wood and the purity of the white stand out.

The Sorribas Valley special room

It is decorated with wooden furniture and wrought iron.

The Sorribas Valley room

The tufa walls are over 400 years old.

In the attic double rooms,

The light takes center stage. Natural wood beams dress sloping ceilings.

The attic rooms.

Its walls are lined with striking papers that mark all the decoration in green, red or black.

One of the bathrooms,

with exposed stone walls and exterior window.

To get to the hotel from Oviedo,

Take the highway of Santander until exit 14, direction Nava, Infiesto and Arriondas. Continue on the N-634 and take the first turn left past Villamayor. Continue on the PI-11 until you reach Cereceda.