+40 original gifts for Christmas

+40 original gifts for Christmas

Perfumes, pajamas and socks, a pocket book or money in the shoe, we love the traditional, the traditional image of a happy family opening the gifts on the day of kings, all or those who do it on Christmas Day, at midnight and with the tree lights on.

We also like surprises, the feeling of amazement and the butterflies in the stomach, we like the laughs that produce the original gifts and the grateful hugs that follow them, that's why we wanted to collect more than 40 that comply with this rule: beautiful and original in equal parts.

Ready to succeed this Christmas?

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In this festive season, you want to drink hot chocolate and various sweets. It is best to spend an afternoon listening to Christmas carols and baking homemade biscuits and biscuits but, be careful, without staining. These cotton aprons with chef's hat from H&M are perfect for this holiday season.

Price: € 9.99

A very original pizza cutter

Can there be a more original pizza cutter? We doubt it. This simulates a miniature Fixie and will bring a special touch to those movie and pizza nights. It has double cut and sharp discs. You can find it in El Corte Inglés.

Price: € 17.95

A cactus boat

It can be used to organize pencils or pens, put the toothbrush, makeup brushes ... It is a very versatile accessory that you can find in Selfridges. The best? That is shaped like a cactus.

Price: € 27.50

A tea set

It doesn't remind you of Alice in Wonderland? This original set of tea has two removable parts: a teapot and a cup. It is from Anthropologie and is hand painted.

Price: € 34.00

Chip of 'Beauty and the Beast' Mug

It is one of the most sought after cups, Chip, an adorable Disney character has become the object of desire this Christmas. This one from Asos is 100% ceramic.

Price: € 16.99


We love useful gifts and this cable collector is one of them. If you have a friend or family member who loves technology, you will love this gift. The cables will be organized, by hand and away from the ground, to keep them clean and in good condition. You can find it in El Corte Inglés

Price: € 11.95

Totoro shoes

All creation of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki is art in its purest form. If you haven't seen yet Chihiro's journey, My neighbor Totoro, The walking castle or Your name, Do it soon, very soon. These shoes by Totoro, by Radbag, can not be more adorable, with their silky interior, they are a great gift for lovers of the Miyazaki universe.

Price: € 39.95

To the shower!

To the shower! But with style ... Not all shower curtains have to be ugly, white or with negatively striking prints. This H&M has surprised us for good, black and stylish.

Price: € 17.99

'Vintage' notebook

For lovers of writing, lists or simply old-looking notebooks. This Zara Home, leather color, we like for its flaps and yellowed leaves.

Price: € 15.99

All to the table!

East set of four name holder, will be ideal at any Christmas table. Its handmade shape and golden color will bring an elegant and festive touch. You can find it in Anthropologie.

Price: € 34.00

One toast, two toasts ...

We love appliances and accessories vintage For the kitchen, this toaster from Maisons du Monde, in pastel blue, seems like a great gift because who doesn't like toast?

Price: € 34.99

One cup unicorn

Before the invasion of aliens, the conquest of unicorns has arrived. Teddies, slippers, drinks or hair color, unicorns are everywhere. They are the star gift this Christmas. Your success? They have style and are adorable. Here you have a very cute cup of Radbag, ceramic and microwave safe.

Price: € 29.95

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Professional knives

Do you have any friends kitchens? Then this gift you will love: professional knives. Of course, they cut wonderfully, but it is their design that has made us fall in love. You can find them at Florentine Kitchen Knives.

A scissors carved by fairies

These magical scissors seem carved by the fairies of the forest. Without a doubt, they are the prettiest we have ever seen. It seems an ideal gift for those who already have everything. You can find them in Anthropologie.

Price: € 32.00

A canine gift

The feeders for dogs are not usually very beautiful and, sometimes, clash with the decoration and style of the house. Luckily, we have found a very different one, in style vintage and galvanized metal. You can find it in Kave Home.

Price: € 30.00

This feeder has the food safety certification to be able to contain food in it without any risk.

The clock everyone wants

This wooden watch is one of Radbag's best selling products and we already know why. It is an alarm clock, clock and personalized message board, you can wake up with a 'Good morning princess' or 'Today you have an appointment with the doctor at 9: 30h', in addition, it will tell you the temperature it does to dress accordingly. There are three colors of wood available.

Price: € 99.95

A most cheerful cushion

Have you ever thought about giving a cushion? Because it seems like a good idea to us. It is a complement that everyone likes and you can choose the style depending on the person you are going to give it to. This multicolored rhombus is from Pimkie.

Price: € 29.99

Zodiac sign charm

Aries, Capricorn, Pisces ... you can find all the signs of the zodiac in this collection of charms. On the one hand the name and on the other hand the relevant costing, a fine and elegant gift that you can find in Anthropologie.

Price: € 14.00

Beer making kit

It is fashionable to knit your own sweater, bake your bread, and now, prepare your own beer. In addition to the accessories, it includes all the necessary ingredients: barley, malt, yeast and hops. East kit You can find it in El Corte Inglés. You know who you are going to give it to?

Price: € 49

Beer bottles

And, if you want to bottle your own beer, here is a kit of 10 bottles, with them your beer will be professional. The best thing is that they are reusable. You can find the kit in El Corte Inglés.

Price: € 21

Agate bookends

Agate is a gem widely used in decoration, its style and versatility are very attractive. These West Elm bookends are polished to reveal their original shapes. Each piece is unique and unmatched.

Price: From € 20

Scented candle

The aromatic candles are always a good option, if you are going to give them a gift, choose a beautiful and large one like this one from H&M, in a glass jar with a label and lid. We love your air vintage.

Price: € 14.99

Macrame pot hanger

Now it takes to hang the pots in macramé structures, it seems a very cute idea for those who love the bohemian style. This, with wooden pearls, you can find in Pimkie.

Price: € 12.99

May the force enlighten you

A perfect gift for fans Star Wars, these Led lamps of the evil Vader and an assault soldier, will be ideal on a nightstand. They produce a soft light and run on batteries or via USB. You can find them in Radbag.

Price: € 24.95

Letter hangers

A, B, C ... these ceramic hangers with floral prints we love. They are perfect to put in the entrance or in the children's room, each one will be able to hang his things in the initial of his name. You can find them in Anthropologie.

Price: € 21.00

Patchwork pouf

We love them pouf Small and with original prints. This Secrets of India, in addition to beautiful is comfortable. He has conquered us for his ethnic and bohemian touches. It is made in India following the technique of patchwork using sari fabric, cotton and different decorative beads. Each pouf is different, unique.

Price: € 68.00

Leather effect bookmarks

Any lover of reading or beginner, can not miss a bookmark. These, skin effect are from Stradivarius. Each one has a phrase: Books are a girl's best friend Y To be continued ...

Price: € 2.95

I'm the boss

A cup that fills you with power and confidence, we love the combination of red and white, perfect for Christmas or any other time of the year. You can find it in Stradivarius.

Price: € 7.95

Hand Painted Jewelry Box

The jewels must be kept with care and care, so it is always necessary to have a jeweler where to keep them safe from dust or losses. This Secrets of India has 4 drawers and is hand painted by local communities in northern India, in the state of Rajasthan. We love its floral design with white relief.

Price: € 36.90

A very adorable stuffed animal

It is an adorable gift for the little ones, this soft and achuchable sheep can become your best friend. You can find it in Anthopologie.

Price: € 27.00

Heater cushion

It has won us by its chocolate cookie shape and its adorable little face, this heating cushion is perfect for winter, besides being adorable it will keep you warm. You can find it in Radbag.

Price: € 39.95

The battery is recharged via USB cable.

Light box with message

This decorative box with LED lights has 105 letters, numbers and symbols. You can create fun messages and change them as many times as you want. You just have to slide the letters into the slots. You can find it in El Corte Inglés

Price: € 19.95

Metal frame

The simplest gifts may be the ones that are most used. This metal box by Stradivarius is a very versatile piece, it can be placed on the desk and placed, photos, notes, postcards, pens ...

Price: € 9.95

Tea infuser 'Baby Nessie'

An indispensable accessory for tea lovers, the original and Nessie, the monster of Loch Ness. You can find it in El Corte Inglés.

Price: € 12.95

Table planner

This table planner is ideal for those who love organization, lists and stationery. You can find it in Stradivarius.

Price: € 7.95

Cactus lamp

Is not it adorable? This lamp with cactus design has made us fall in love. It stands, has LED lights and goes to batteries. You can find it on Asos.

Price: € 19.99

Unicorn keychain

The unicorns are triumphing, we can see them in cakes, slippers or even key chains. This has light and works with LED so it barely has any consumption. It comes in a gift box and you can find it in Kamir.

Price: € 3.50

(Battery included)

Christmas cups

Cups are always a good gift, they are useful and you never have enough. These Anthropologie are decorated with Christmas motifs, cute.

Price: € 19

Enamel holder ring

This is cool! It is an enamel ring and is the solution to paint your nails without dislikes. You can find it in RAGBAG.

Water bottle

A bottle to drink water (or anything else) with style. It is Ted baker and you can find it on Asos.

Price: € 32.99

Flamingo Watering Can

A flamingo and pink, can anyone resist this watering can? It's from Maisons du Monde and it's already on our Kings list.

Price: € 9.99

Rela sari notebook

This beautiful notebook is made by hand in the Rajasthan area. Its pages are smooth and ivory, made of recycled paper. The binding is sewn by hand with the help of a cotton cord, which also closes and bookmarks. You can find it in Secrets of India.

Price: € 10.00

Stylish folder

A way to keep documents, works or drawings safe and in style. This folder with button closure can be found in Stradivarius.

Price: € 9.95

Glass cats

Do you know any cat lovers? So this is the perfect gift, they are light and 50% of the price is donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®. You can find them in West Elm.

Price: € 17

Vase with test tubes

Between the decoration and science is this vase with test pieces, nobody can say that it is not original. You can find it in Stradivarius.

Price: € 5.95