A stately home with vintage & recycled furniture

A stately home with vintage & recycled furniture

As soon as they saw her, the owners of this house in Barcelona fell in love with her stately style, of its imposing facade, with ladder and classic balustrade, and of his beautiful windows with tricolor stained glass that moved them to times past. From the beginning they were clear that they would respect and maintain that spirit of yesteryear; Therefore, the only reform they undertook was to update their facilities and paint. The pavement, in good condition, and the distribution are also the originals.

There was only one air left vintage to the interiors so that everything fit together. An easy goal to achieve, as many of the old furniture in the house were preserved. They were of different origin and design, but now, painted white, they share the same look, in line with this new stage of housing, where the sobriety and label of other times gives way to a more natural and retro style with a mixture of textures and soft brushstrokes, which draw the textiles.

As an example, the lounge relax, in the most luminous part and with better views of the house. It is a space raised as a gathering and rest area, for which a work bench was commissioned with fluffy cushions. He is accompanied by a couple of low tables, some accessories factory & vintage, and a sisal carpet that makes it ultra warm. In contrast, the dining room. Here, time seems to have stopped, since the original hydraulic pavement and a bicycle, almost a museum, hanging on the wall, make up a unique setting for retro furniture. A special atmosphere and consistent with the personal style of this house.

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The house retains its original elements, such as the stained glass window and the carpentry of the main entrance with large windows. In contrast, the interior decoration, which bets on a natural style based on the mixture of textures.

Coffee tables, from La Maison. Carpet of sisal, of Filocolore.

Charming patio

In front of the imposing facade of the house, a couple of antique armchairs and a high table make up a quiet outdoor seating area. Clothed by the elegant balustrade and the ceramic mural, it is a deeply evocative environment in contact with nature.

Armchairs and table, from Mercantic. Cushions: small, Lu Ink and large, Filocolore.

Brushstrokes in style

The colors of the cushions do matter. Combining shades that don't match well can ruin the decoration. In this corner, the pastel yellow and lavender blue duo is a very chic romantic palette. Cushions, by Lu Ink.

Total relax

Several cushions and mattresses placed on recovered pallets make up an extra long sofa. The planks were painted in white, to gain luminosity, and with their relaxed spirit they provide an informal and playful air to the garden.
Cushions and cushions, from Filocolore.

Living room with workbench

To take more advantage of the space in the living area, a work bench was designed in the form
of L attached to the walls. On it there are two upholstered mattresses that are shorter than the benches, with the aim of using the ends as side tables. A success: its location in this corner does not hinder the passage from the entrance to the interior of the house.

Comfortable and natural

In an environment where the white color is dominant, the brushstrokes that bring some cushions and the variety of nuances that the sisal carpet adds, invigorate the decoration. Notably, the vintage counterpoint is set by the clock and the lamp. Cushions, by Lu Ink and Filocolore.
Clock, from India & Pacific. Ceiling lamp and blue flexo, from Tierra Extraña.

Fruits of the forest ... on the cushions

Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, as well as strawberries, plums and grapes ... What more charming shades for a living room! This plain cushion becomes design handmade with simple motives patchwork, and also, it sings with purple.
Cushions, from Filocolore.

Recycled furniture

Two armchairs and an old footrest, recovered and painted in white, extend the number of seats in the lounge and provide luminosity to the space. They are pieces of different styles that become harmonious when they share the same total white look.

Vintage details

A small complement like a wall hanger, when chosen well, raises the level of decoration. Perfect in this case the coat rack, from Jardiland, with retro illustration and cracked paint.

A dining room with stately and curious airs

An antique bronze lamp, an ornamental rosette on the ceiling, the hydraulic floor and the glass door magnify the space where the dining room is located. The element of surprise, with an unquestionable impact on decoration: a bicycle vintage suspended on the wall, which reduces solemnity to the environment.
Chairs, purchased at Mercantic. Mesa, made by Carpintería David. Tablecloth, from La Maison. Crystal fountains and candlesticks, from India & Pacific.

Yes to recycled furniture!

Next to the dining room, an old piece of furniture with a TV stands out ... Painted entirely in white, even the screen, it acquires a theatrical air and is integrated into the decoration.

A plus: a maxi mirror propagates the natural light of the living room in the dining room, which lacks windows. Mirror and accessories, from India & Pacific.

Bright white kitchen

The kitchen preserves the old wooden furniture, but with white paint it acquires a much more modern air. His new look, next to the roof of slats, and the opposite wall, also painted, enhance the luminosity. Antique kitchen furniture, painted in white. Shelving, by Ikea. Carpet by La Maison.

Child's bedroom

With a front of vertical slats on the roof and a white wooden bench for mattresses, the rest area becomes a cabin-shelter, where the flags provide festive air. The bedding and cushions add brushstrokes of color and an extra dose of sweetness to the environment. Duvet covers roses and blankets, from La Maison. Cushions and garland, from Filocolore. Blue Flexo, from Strange Earth.

A small window ...

That gains visual interest, flanked by children's beds. The trio forms a symmetrical composition with a lot of charm.
Duvet covers, from La Maison. Cushions and garland, from Filocolore.

In the master bedroom the balance reigns

The hydraulic pavement stands out for the sobriety of the decoration in the master bedroom. The immaculate walls, the curtain and the pieces contribute to the feeling of calm vintage And with charm.

A plus of freshness and femininity: the plaid Blue padded with green print, from Filocolore. Fiber lamp, headboard and bed set, by La Maison. The bedside table and the armchair are old, recovered pieces.

Retro aesthetics in the bed environment

Washed wood, painted, fiber, fabrics stonewash ... The natural and the mixture of textures succeed. But not everything goes; combines maximum three tones. In this bedroom, the lamp and headboard are from La Maison.

A bathroom of other times

The essential, the snow white, grabs attention
In this bathroom without artifice. The feminine details and the black pavement are the perfect allies to accentuate its simplicity. Sanitary, of Roca. Towel and stool, from La Maison.

House plan and distribution ideas

The challenge in this Barcelona house is the optimal distribution of the room, for its difficult floor:
- Its distribution it is very conditioned by the glass facade and with two corners in chamfer; but also through the double leaf door, which gives access to the house, and in front of it it was necessary to guarantee the circulation.
- The solution: a different environment on each side of the door. On the right, a work bench in L was made to measure, open to the windows, and that allows the passage. On the left, in a smaller space, a reading corner was created with a floor lamp and two armchairs; These can be moved to expand the number of seats.