Keys to save on transportation

Keys to save on transportation

Calculates your expenses

Are you aware of what you spend per month on gas? How many trips do you make per year? If you intend to save, it is necessary to calculate the disbursement in transportation. You will be surprised by the results, because it is the 12.6% of total family spending. Take an account of how much it costs you to go to work by car, and then, how much would you spend if you were on public transport using discount tickets. Surely the second option is more profitable. It's time to change!


In large cities, there are many possibilities to obtain discounts on public transport. The travel pass It allows you to travel without daily travel limits and combining train, subway and bus. If you do not use transport every day, you will be compensated 10 travel ticket, and if you only use one medium, the commuter bonus or the metrobus it will be the best.

Tickets at the best price

Find out about discounts of those who can benefit from using the train for your getaways and vacations.


In Renfe, children under 4 years old they travel for free and between 4 and 13 years with a 40% discount. The large families, those over 60, young people and those who share a table at the AVE will also lower their price.

If you are going to travel by plane, buy in advance. If you are going to France, booking with 7 weeks, you will save 19% or the United Kingdom, with 13 weeks, 16%.

Tips to save in the private car


Gasoline. It reduces your consumption, avoiding unnecessary displacements, uninstalling luggage rack, emptying the trunk, carrying just the luggage and performing efficient driving. Download apps like Gasolineras España, Gasolina and Diésel España or Save on Gasolina to find out where to refuel cheaper according to your position. Pay attention to car maintenance. 20% of the consumption is due to the tires, so if you carry lower pressures, the consumption will increase.

Insurance. It lowers the price asking for a budget in several companies and varying the conditions depending on the years of the car. Never at all risk if your car is over ten years old.

Share I share the fuel expense among friends on trips and talk to neighbors to go to work together if you are nearby.