15 Well-equipped hall with benches and coat racks

15 Well-equipped hall with benches and coat racks


You get home after a very long day at the office, you don't even feel your feet and you just want to get barefoot and reach nirvana. Does it sound to you Well, the best way to end the suffering at the moment you cross the door is to have a beautiful bank waiting for you in the hall. Take noteā€¦

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If you organize well, you can have a cozy and functional hall with space for everything.

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Sometimes there is nothing better than simplicity, and this hall proves it. A bench, a plant and a cushion for a rustic-chic-inspired entrance.

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A pop touch

A hall full of color that will fill you with energy to face the morning. Yellow, orange ... dare!

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Boho chic

The mirror brings the touch of glamor to a hall that has managed to achieve the boho chic essence thanks to the bright combination of white and wood, the carpet, the little plant ... and the detail of the blanket!

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Arrive home and find a hall full of cushions with blanket included ... What a delight!

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Multipurpose Bank

If you don't have a very large hall, use a bench with a shoemaker at the bottom.

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Rustic comfort

But if space allows, take advantage and create a large hall! Here, the bank, in addition to being the most comfortable is also extra long, and the touch of the baskets reinforce a very cozy rustic atmosphere.

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The Nordic style is infallible, and more when you combine it with a concrete and wood bench like this.

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A floral and colorful wallpaper is ideal if you are looking for a hall that conveys joy and energy.

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All in one

Coat rack, bench and shoe rack, all at once! Because there are times when it is not worth complicating, don't you think?

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Black is back

Between black and gray, the ideal range of tones to create an elegant and flirty hall.

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The magic of wicker

It is clear that wicker baskets do not go out of style, and it is normal, because they get an insurmountable warmth.

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Dual function

The bench can also be used as a table to add your most chic decoration. And if it's wood, naturalness to the fullest!

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Big time

With such a hall you can store everything you need to have it always at hand. Have you thought about using decorative letters to identify each coat rack?

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With message

What a pleasure to get home and to receive you with such a beautiful welcome. And the messages influence more than you think!

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