A duplex full of light

A duplex full of light

The division of space into two heights and the attic condition of this Madrid housing They were attractive enough to charm their current owners, a couple without children. However, lto the original distribution of the duplex -with four bedrooms and three bathrooms- It was inappropriate for them, who wanted bright and spacious spaces. For this they had the help of 3y6 interior design studio that carried out the transformation of the house, along with the Integral Construction Reform company.

The demolition of partitions and the union of spaces were the keys to the work, after which they left two bedrooms, One per floor. Unifying coatings was another great move in the commitment to balance. Prima the absolute white in paint, carpentry and even blinds. An identical platform for the whole house puts the heat note necessary to compensate for such clarity and enriches the whole with the contrast of its dark finish. Another desire of the owners was to have a Very spacious living room with sitting area, dining room and office, since both work at home often.

The removal of walls was therefore mandatory both on the ground floor and on the first floor, where a very nice suite room was created. Bedroom, bathroom with shower and separate bathtub, and a large dressing room now occupy the space of the old bedrooms. The attractiveness of structural elements, such as attic walls of the rest area, intensified by covering part of them with a forest printed to the real size.

It is clear that the coatings, chosen with care, become protagonists in all the spaces of this house. An example of this is the small toilet on the ground floor which, after the renovation, reduced its size, making it possible to make an adjoining closet closet. The resulting few meters gained interest by coating it with a delicate butterfly print wallpaper; a circular mirror and a charming wall light complete this bathroom with the air of an old dressing table.

Advertising - Continue reading below The hall

It is very narrow and with the corridor structure; For this reason, there were no consoles or coat hangers that could obstruct the passage. Instead, a flying shelf was placed to leave the keys and the mail. Balda Lack, from Ikea. Golden frames on the wall, for sale in Brocar. Aged mirror, from Robles Gallery. White vases and figurines, from Habitat.

Seating area

Vintage pieces take center stage in the area of ​​being endowed with an air of exclusivity. An excellent sample of how to combine finishes and materials in perfect harmony. Sofa designed by the 3y6 studio and made by Tapicerías La Torre. Pair of antique chairs, Vintage 4p. BSB carpet. The tables are from Espacio Brut.

Living room

The blinds that dress the large window sift the light to the right extent to avoid glare, but without diminishing luminosity. They are a current and light alternative to the usual falls. In the background, the dining room, with natural wood furniture that stands out on the striking carpet. Dining table, Artespaña. Chairs, from Batavia. In the background, white bookshop Besta, by Ikea. BSB carpet. Bandalux blinds, made by La Torre upholstery.

Take care of the details

Complements are key to customize each environment. In this case, different black and white photographs, engravings, large colored pillows and lamps of great peculiarity alternated. Lamps: standing, acquired at Leroy Merlin and desktop, by LA Studio. Cushions, from BSB. Pictures, photos and prints, by LA Studio, In Dietro and Espacio Brut. Scandinavian sideboard, from LA Studio.

Decorate the tables

Vases, vases and small memories personalize every corner of the house. On the coffee table, corals, by In Dietro. Glass vases of Murano and white, from LA Studio. Coffee table, from Espacio Brut.

Dinning room

A very attractive monochrome still life was created on the dining table. These simple compositions are repeated in other rooms of the house. Dining table, Artespaña. Chairs, from Batavia. BSB carpet.

The distributor

An original composition in the corridor wall becomes the focal point of the hall. The golden moldings, without sheets, were combined with a minimal still life of vases and animal figures, all in white. Three small round carpets were placed on the wooden floor, which visually lighten the space and protect the floor from the daily hustle and bustle. Moldings, by Brocar. Figures, of Habitat. Cuadrito, by Oliphant. Shelf and carpets, from Ikea. The floor is the Perspective model, in Aftelia finish, of Quick Step.

Kitchen with two environments

The kitchen gained meters by integrating, after the renovation, the adjoining service room. The new space was distributed in two areas: work and cooking and storage and dining. A peninsula acts as a visual separator between both environments. Kitchen designed by the 3y6 studio with Inpamer furniture. Household, of Fish, Ikea and Habitat. Framed photo, of Espacio Brut.

Warehouse area

In contrast to the rest of the white furniture and coverings, this corner was equipped with maple wood cabinets. The frigo and the column of ovens, in stainless steel, put the techno note in this space. In the office vintage chairs were combined, bought in the Madrid Trail, with a classic design, from Vitra. The lamp shade was made with a Designers Guild fabric.

Bedroom access

Black and white artistic photos decorate the bedroom and the staircase with small and large format versions.

Main bedroom

The furniture and textiles were chosen in light tones, although some pieces in purple also stand out. The set is a success. Duvet cover and quadrants, Zara Home. Cushions, by Antennae. Lamp, Light Years.

Echo details

Wall mural model Mysterious Forest, from Bloompapers. Photos, by Brocar, Espacio Brut and Nacho Pérez.

A lovely toilet

The original wallpaper with colored butterflies personalizes this toilet, which stands out for its pleasant vintage style. Wallpaper of the firm Nina Campbell, for sale in Gastón and Daniela. Washbasin, from Ideal Standard for sale in Discesur. Single lever, from Grifería Tres, in Azulejos Peña. Vase, from Ikea. Towel by Antennae.

Plano - Ideas for the Attic

- The inclination of ceilings and walls conveys charm to the spaces; Therefore, it is preferable to highlight your presence with a suggestive decoration. We are convinced by the impressive mural that covers one of the walls of this bedroom, a mysterious forest at the foot of the bed.
- The overhead light in the attics is one of its greatest advantages and should be used creating an environment close to the roof windows. It can be a work corner, a reading area or, if there is not much space, place a special element that is worth highlighting. TOILET>